Feeding Emo in the future updates?

I’d like to be able to feed Emo through the app in the future updates. I think it could be more realistic as it’s like a pet. Could it be possible? :funky:


It is possible but the only reason I wanted to have emo is to not worry about feeding it and it to “die” so if you can turn it off, then yes


No, I mean a thing like Aibo, where you can feed it but if you don’t, nothing happens!


Yep, like “I’d like to it, but it’s ok - i can wait”=

emo look and act like a robot, it doesn’t really fits to feed him. It was weird when cozmo got this function, didn’t like it at all. Pleo robot really look like a Dinosaur so it is really fun to feed him and give him medicine when he is sick. But feeding Emo… why…

Ok, it was just my opinion…

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I think the feeding function would be good too. sounds fun. :slight_smile:

I would love optional Feeding option which you not forced to do but if than you can receive Virtual goodies or so :happy:


Exactly what I thought!!! :happy:


Instead of nothing happening when you feed it, what if it increases your bond?

why not! It could be more interesting.

Ive fed my AIBO only twice. I wanted to witness the special effects afterward. It was fun.

Maybe optional. I want emo to be more of a friend and less of a pet. Which is why I am dying for self charging right now


I totally understand both sides. On the one hand, alot of people like the benefit of not thinking about “tasks” like feeding or caring in some other way like a tamagotchi. But on the other hand, the point here lies on “tasks”. Especially younger people, as well as just the caring hearts among us would love to have more features (rather than tasks) which creates a stronger bond between EMO and the owner. That petting function is also not necessary but they still implemented it, right? I guess once the basic functions and more “important” functions are implemented, they living ai could probably add some nice little bonuses like that :slight_smile:


Yea yea, I like this one but as already said, not like a tamagohi but more like a fun option.
Thinking maybe when we are alone in home and want to eat with someone, you eat with emo! Like “Emo, let’s eat -some food name here-” and starts eating a pizza or, a cake for someones birthday, or some popcorns for the movies, just a way the involve him more into our lifes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_2:


I know But he also gets sick(that’s robots don’t usually do so​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: so I’d also love if there was a feeding option

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I wouldn’t want any sort of compulsory feeding requirement either, but what if there was some sort of treats that he responded to which could be given? It wouldn’t necessarily need to be food per se. I don’t know, the whole petting thing is similar I guess?


Feeding option would be great and we all know he likes electric Burgers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Would be fun if we can treat EMO some Candys