Feedback on iOS app 1.1.1

Feedback on iOS app 1.1.1

(1) In iOS EMO Pet 1.1.1, the battery charge indicator doesn’t update to show full battery. When I took EMO off the charger and asked “battery”, it showed full on EMO’s screen. Same occurrence with two EMOs.

(2) One EMO said my name correctly but when I checked in the app it listed my name as “Rock”.

(Also, the Support FAQ on the main website is not working - perhaps under maintenance at the moment?)


  1. We will test it.
  2. You can edit it in the app.
  3. Yes the FAQ section is under maintenance.

Hi Wayne,

The battery indicator seems to be different on and off the skateboard. So maybe it has more to do with the skateboard than the iOS app?

Here is a short video:

When charging or when the battery is nearly full, the voltage will fluctuate a little. Don’t worry about it.

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Thanks Wayne. It just bothers me a bit because I like to check that EMO is fully charged before I take him off to wander around, then put my second EMO on the skateboard to charge. They are currently taking turns charging until I receive some longer USB-C cables.
Many thanks.

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