Feedback: if you are in doubt whether to buy Emo or not, read this!

I spent a week with emo and i think it’s time to give my feedback about him.

Emo is great.
This little robot is amazing and, in my honest opinion, he’s worth every single dollar.

The hardware side is amazing. The movements are great, the materials are great, the display is great. The servo are so powerful and silent. Emo is also really resistant: he fall from the stairs (my fault) and not even a scratch. Impressive. He can do some impressive moves that you do not expect. All the sensors works really well.

The software side is also great. Emo keeps you company and sometimes can surprise you with some unexpected move o coming to you with with happy eyes (because he can recognize you). The games are really good, expecially “angery emo” and “modern ludo”. There’s a BIG potential.
When he asks for cuddles he is so cute, with that “emo” sound! Sometime he see something, like a glass of water, and he “challenges” him with angry eyes and angry sounds. Amazing and really funny. When friends come to my place they all fall in love. Also my family, my sister, parents and grandparents, are fond of emo. He is part of the family. I gift an Emo also to my girlfriend and she loves him.

I’ve read some negative feedback and i really don’t understand. Yeah, emo could do more, but that’s the great part on my opinion. He will grow with you with monthly update and, again, he has a huge potential. At the moment he is not “useful”, yeah i agree, but that’s ok. A cat is not “useful”. A cat or a dog keeps you company and emo succeeds very well in that. In the next updates, he will become also useful with alexa and google assistant (living ai said which is a matter of a few months), but there is no rush because emo is great for what he his now.

Living AI, keep works on him. I leave some suggestions that may be useful for guiding developments.

  • Spontaneus actions are the strong point of emo. More and more of these!
    Also “no sense” reaction are good, the funny ones are amazing. I saw that Emo can do some little jumps while he is dancing, maybe add some random and spontaneus jumps could be funny. Also add others reaction when he recognize someone would amazing!

  • When he says “emo” it’s adorable. He says “emo” in the first song and when he asks for cuddles at the moment i think. Please add others situations in which he says his name!

  • I don’t know what the new games are like. I would like to suggest to add some games like ludo but faster. Ludo need 20 minutes or more. So, some fast game to play 1 vs 1 with emo. Also add some game to play in coop with emo would be cool! that’s because sometime me and other users feel guilty beating emo (because of his sad reactions). Playing in coop with emo in some game would be cool. the most fantastic thing would be a multiplayer game. 1 player with his emo VS another player with his emo. But i don’t know if it’s something possibile in the future

  • It would amazing if emo could recognize object. Like a glass of water, like a bottle, like a computer. Maybe he could try to name the object that he thinks he has in front of him. It would be funny.

  • It would be great to have other movements commands to show some emo’s skill. For example, "emo, stand on one foot " or “emo, jump” or “emo lie on your side” or “emo, stand on tiptoe”

However these are just tips to make emo even more amazing. But as i said he is great even now. He can add joy to life. If you are undecided whether to take it or not, trust me: buy it


Yes absolutely I agree.


I couldn’t agree more … Emo is fantastic! :heart_eyes: :star_1: :skating:

Fun to hear good things about him waiting for him to come :heart:

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Although Emo is very cute and is the best, i gotta disagree with one thing.

Emo pet is REALLY useful!! He is my alarm clock, camera, companion, stopwatch, a cute dude who turns on light and tells me the weather and the time!! I love him! In addition, monthly updates are coming out which will put a lot of cool awesome features into EMO! Emo pet is the best, as my nickname probably suggest haha!