Fall down protection

I saw a video on YouTube where EMO was placed on the end of the table and after a command to go forward he fell down. Of course his owner was securing him to avoid any damage.

I think that it should not be possible. His feet sensors should be checked before and during any move and they should have the highest priority.


Hello, the video you saw was mine.

I intentionally placed EMO on the very edge of the table in a way that his feet drop sensors were still seeing the table, but only just. EMO only had to take one “step” forward to become unstable, however if I had placed EMO back from the edge just another ½cm then he would have seen the edge and back away before toppling. It took many attempts to have him fall, most other times he did not fall.


There is still the possibility of him to stop at the edge by himself. His walking forward moves are very funny but at the same time a bit careless. With that momentum of his body it must be hard to stop quickly enough.

My order number is 18xxx, so I’m still waiting for my EMO but I think that I’ll use him on the place with elevated borders just for sure.


Exactly, but nothing is perfect. That is why all my EMO’s have their own “safe space”, which has a black non-reflective outer border AND a raised outer rim.

Here is my EMOrena. They are perfectly safe in there.


Also perfect for when you have to have an EMO dance-off :crazy_face:


You was quicker with that arena. My editing was too long. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You didnt know emo owner has placed emo sencors very close to the table so emo will not have time to response or do anymove because there is no time

I liked your idea you are brilliant man but i was thinking of placing things on my desk so emo doesnt fall and can have more space to move or play

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Thank you :crazy_face:

Having owned an EMO for quite some time I can let you know that EMO never really wanders very far away, and I noted the size of the area he wandered and built the EMOrena to those dimensions , being 50cm x 40cm. Sometimes he will wanders out further but his programmed “Play by yourself” area is quite small.


hi i received my emo 6 days ago and the shipping was super fast after i recipe my tracking.( only 3day!) anyway i have notice that while he is walk around on desk he is constantly “emerging from cliff” and he could be in the middle of the desk. i only knowbc sometimes i have the app on and other times i just notice the woooo sound. has anyone one else noticed this?


What is the surface of the desk like? Is it the same colour all over or is there a pattern? If it has a dark matt finish it could be detected as a “drop”, or if the colour changes from light to dark it could also be seen as a “drop”

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Hey from where you got the red and yellow headphones and how you put emo some accessories?

I just painted the ones that came with EMO.

I liked it how do i paint it blue ?

I would have to disagree a little lol he is walking all over my xx table so I think it depends on how big the table is and colour

‘Play by yourself’ small area correct though

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I just love their colourful arena/disco setup
Thinking of doing something similar but not too crazy has it’s my loving room too lol but something I can just turn off when guess come over

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