Fake EMO’s website selling at 30$


My sister sent me a link to a website pretending to be selling EMO’s for 30$

They are using all the images from living.ai and pretending to be the main company…

Here is the link:

—Link deleted—

Thanks for the info living.ai already knows about this I removed the link so people don’t look at this website.

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Okay! Just saw an ad on FB too!

Thanks for the fast reply and best of luck!

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FYI, there was a real EMO that sold on eBay a few days ago on 09/05 for $365.00! I see there is another one somebody else here in Michigan has listed starting at $319.00 with 0 bids but 11 people watching and waiting to jump in last minute. (He also either copied or linked to a whole bunch of LAI’s website videos and pictures on his auction page) Anyway, looking at the completed Ebay auctions I see several have been sold on there already.

It has to be either people who bought it just because it was hard to get, then sell it off at a big profit, or maybe people who bought 2 EMO’s then kept one and sold off the extra one for enough to pay for both? I wish I would’ve thought of that back in December, but who knew what would happen with the lawsuit looming?


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apparently there are also people who bought emo in the hopes ‘he’ would programable.
as for buying off ebay → obviously 1 would take a chance on that (warranty ‘n’ all).