Failure rates and returns

Hi team,
So I am just curious what the process will be for returns if we get any issues with our EMO’s.

I can’t see anything on the site, and I hope that no one has issues. BUT this is tech, and things can go wrong.

So as the units are being shipped out it maybe handy to share some information on what to do if any issues do arise.

Thanks for all your hard work on EMO :grin::grin:

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Hi, there will be a page for that. We have now published the product support page.


@Wayne_Zhang its all coming together :slight_smile: pretty exciting times, so glad to have ben following this and being part of the journey. Good and bad!


They should be very limited but they will deal with that as it happens mostly a police report if employees let any product leave factory that is not retail standards. All robots were test with different software and having been running for 24 hours testing on different software. Not expected any failure rates. It 2020 the manufacturer get taken to court for ever robot that is shipped not meeting manufacturer standards employees with be record and fired most likely.

Most of these problems get manufacturer shut down and they look for new companies or contractors to take over now a days.

Bank fail …
Same stuff that happened with every company that selling stuff controller be federal police and army.

Please report all damages to companies if boxes are damaged file complaints with shipping companies same old stuff everyday.
They ship me develop robots police reports sent out.
Please report all problems you see.

Not everyone is Perfect and EMO is still in development etc. We should all try to Support that for an hopefully long Journey and being not super Picky and want an fall down :mad:


We all agree he will always being improved but we different have software running Well enough to sell a fully functional AI robot to help people with all kinds of problems in ever day life. Great alarm clock.

Does Emo cheat or is it an Bug that he sometimes not Roll the Dice while playing Ludo? :happy:

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