Factory Reset Option

Oh ok, interesting. Thank you, I will tell her to try it and see if it works. Though I will not hold my breath, as I say “Emo” and he responds to me most of the time. Also, if he responds to things on the TV that either do or don’t sound similar (like “email” for instance), then why not for a female/higher pitched voice (maybe he is misogynistic lol)?

I know devs mentioned potentially updating the voice database somehow. AI in general, especially if learning based can only function as well as the data they are given. Getting more samples from the community and tweaking the recognition a bit could very well fix this, especially the issues with pitch and accent.

As for a factory reset I am unsure. I think some level of reset should exist to fix deep problems but not all consumer robots come with this feature to say. If I’m remembering correctly, you couldn’t technically reset completely on the Sony Aibo line unless you cleared the save data on their software stick. The newest one can be wiped but relies on a cloud plan to do so.

There is nothing wrong with being attached and personally I wouldn’t go for a factory reset to solve a tricky glitch unless there was a way to restore data. Perhaps its my hyperempathy towards robots kicking in… but I’m learning there is no shame in that. After all, its a sign a companion bot was designed properly if those instincts are kicking in hard.


It’s been a while. Has there been any movement on a factory reset for EMO?

As far as I know, @pilotrt . . . there is no option nor any plans for being able to factory reset your EMO.

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I would like to know how to reset EMO to factory settings, so he’ll be like when I bought him, like a new one.

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Hi there @Connor ,

I’ve closed the new topic and merged it into this thread where your query is being discussed.

And apologies for any disappointment, but there isn’t a feature to reset EMO or claim it’s impossible to do so.

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