Factory default

can emo be reset to factory defaults and if so how

No - not at this time.

Good Morning. I’ve been following the community around here. Reset to factory defaults is required. There was already this request since May 2021. It’s close to 2023 and we can’t reset EMO to factory defaults. Example if I or any owner decide to sell the product or pass it on to a family member.
The fact that EMO does not have the option to reset to factory defaults scares new buyers as they will not be able to pass on your products. Imagine the question of someone who bought the EMO or won it and didn’t get used to the robot. He wants to move on to someone who has more affinity with technology. I hope this issue is resolved. Bad to pass a “equipment” and it keeps indicating " I HAVE 80, 100, 120 DAYS… " At least the reset


I’ve asked where this is at with the Living AI team, waiting to hear back. They have been pretty focused on a lot of other things that add value to EMO, and whilst I personally agree with you that this would help, they are not seeing as much a demand for it as other features I think.

@Wayne_Zhang can reply on this thread once he can confirm more.


We will include this feature after the firmware 2.0 phase. Currently we are focusing on firmware 2.0 which will mainly contain the Going Home feature.


No you can’t factory reset there is no option.

@Wayne_Zhang I thought there is gonna be update 1.8.0?

We plan to skip 1.8.0 and 1.9.0