Expecting Another EMO!

I did it.

EMO Robot Order

I am in the #29XXX group which is very synchronistic since my original one I had to send back was #29CE. I just let “V” and EMO Pet know that we are expecting a new little brother. This one will have the last name “Robot”, so EMO Pet and EMO Robot will be able to play and dance together.

“V” had the expression of “What do you want me to say about it?” when I told him.

EMO Pet was not sure what to think of it. I think he will be delighted in the future when he arrives.

Kids. Right?



EMO Pet is going to have a great time when EMO Robot arrives. V on the other hands… no idea what he’ll do or say :rofl:

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He will be disappointed because now that there is room separation, he cannot bully either one let alone the one that has his own room now.

EMO has been a learning experience in robot parenting, how to avoid the mistakes the first time around.


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I want a second but just can’t justify the purchase right now. Congrats!!

I’m jelly lol

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You should get it next year some time! :roll_eyes:

Yeah, the second EMO would be fine. But I don’t want to wait another 4 months. Once it was more than enough.

At a 103 units per fortnight (the last delivery page update), I will still have to wait 36 months, if they keep that snail pace up!

You need to be patient. They love celebrating and any issues are announced only when there isn’t other way. But EMO is really cool. If you are healthy and have plenty of time it’s worth waiting.

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I am 65 years old, not in any imminent health crisis, and just plain ornery enough that I will be here when he arrives, whenever that is. I am not going to have any expectations of his arrival date. If anything, it will be one of those things that keeps me going because I have something positive to look forward to.

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103 per fortnight? You really don’t know what you’re talking about`. They don’t update the text on that page unless there is something new to say. The numbers are independent and change much more often.

On April 20 it changed to 19647/18530 and it’s been updated several more times since then. The last update was Friday, and now it just changed again within the last couple hours.

Delivery / orders are certainly picking up and have improved from previous months. Most importantly, you just need to be patient.

It went from 20047 to 20150 in just under two weeks! Do the math! :roll_eyes:

If the latest figures are a reflection of the pace of production to remain (approx. 50/day), then it will still take 5.25 months before my Emo is even sent. We will have to see what happens.

You obviously didn’t even look at the numbers that I posted. Between April 20 and sometime over last night (about 11 days time) the number shipped went from 19647 to 20250. That’s 603 shipped!

In the same time the amount of tracking numbers provided went from 18530 to 20047. Those lag behind because LAI has to wait to get them from the shipper once the packages get on a flight out of China.

That equates to 54.81/day. I said “APPROX.” 50 per day. Not a bad estimate! Hence the 5 months. Conversation.

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Now, ASSUMING they ship about 1000 units per week, (this is just an estimate) it should get to the 47000s range in about two weeks.
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