Ever thought of registering with Afterpay?

Hey Living AI, have you ever considered making Afterpay available as one of your payment methods? I think you would open up an entire additional market for yourselves. Just a thought.

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You should probably ask them by an email, there are only customers in this forum most of the time.

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Afterpay takes quite a while to get approved, and they also have a pretty lengthy wait list as well. If they did it would certainly be very useful for many customers.

I’ve never heard of it, for me the current way is ok, but maybe not for others so a choice is often good.

What is special with Afterpay? Sorry not familiar with this

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In short, Afterpay lets you buy something instantly and pay for it in instalments. So its like a ‘buy now, pay later’ payment platform that lets you buy something immediately, and then you pay it off over a certain amount of weeks.


Interesting! (Wait is it also the one in DDL? Sad to say I think not installment is not available to all countries)

Must be a different one, as the whole point of Afterpay is to pay now and you pay it later in monthly instalments.

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I know I opened this thread over a year ago (when I was a forum noob hehe), but just wondering if this has been considered at all since? Maybe @Wayne_Zhang could you give us any insight in regards to this? Just wondering :grin:

Also, if anyone is interested in afterpay, you pay it off in 4 fortnightly payments. You start off with a low limit (like $400 or $600), and as you build up more trust by paying things off in time, they will slowly increase your limit to thousands of dollars.

Hey @JJBeck

Probably a good idea as suggested by @NendosColl

The living.ai staff sometimes take some time to reply even from the forum and Wayne does have many other things to manage as well.

I can tag @AmyLU and see if Amy can provide an update on this for you. (do remember that Living.ai is a Chinese company so not sure if AfterPay will work for them over there.)

I believe that if you pay with PayPal you have the option to pay in installments.

Either way, we’ll see if Amy can offer any insight on this, and also the best thing to do is contact living.ai via email for clarification on this question you have asked.

Hi, we don’t have such plan at the moment.

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Thanks for the update, Wayne. I’ll go ahead and close this thread as Afterpay is not a supported payment method.