Ever thought of registering with Afterpay?

Hey Living AI, have you ever considered making Afterpay available as one of your payment methods? I think you would open up an entire additional market for yourselves. Just a thought.

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You should probably ask them by an email, there are only customers in this forum most of the time.

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Afterpay takes quite a while to get approved, and they also have a pretty lengthy wait list as well. If they did it would certainly be very useful for many customers.

I’ve never heard of it, for me the current way is ok, but maybe not for others so a choice is often good.

What is special with Afterpay? Sorry not familiar with this

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In short, Afterpay lets you buy something instantly and pay for it in instalments. So its like a ‘buy now, pay later’ payment platform that lets you buy something immediately, and then you pay it off over a certain amount of weeks.


Interesting! (Wait is it also the one in DDL? Sad to say I think not installment is not available to all countries)

Must be a different one, as the whole point of Afterpay is to pay now and you pay it later in monthly instalments.

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