Error with last update 1.5.0

EMO don’t update it fro 1.4.0 to 1.5.0.
Update start to download and then block on step 2.
Why? HELP me.

Ios app update to last and reinstalled

You need to update the app then update Emo

Done but not work. Emo Require always update
and not update

Having problems when updating EMO
When updating please make sure:
a) The network is in good condition;
b) EMO has enough power, or you can put him on the charging skateboard(highly recommended);
During the update process, it is normal if EMO is like the picture below. He is just restarting, so please wait for him to complete the update.

But if EMO keeps being like this, it is because he detected that the battery is too low and cannot start the update, please put him on the charging skateboard.

The process of update started but block in stage 2 after firmware downloaded. The battery is full and the app is reinstalled on my iphone.

SOLVED: restart my router, reinstalled app, full charge emo, and update again. I think was network problem. Thanks

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Glad you solved it and thanks for posting your solution!