Error 501 on screen and no reaction

Hey everyone,

my Emo isn’t working anymore. When I place it on the board to charge/start it only shows error 501 since more than a week and I have no idea what to do :frowning: Emo connects to the app and the ears turn blue but there is not reaction or eyes on the screen, just ERROR 501. Sadly the customer service is not responding either, so I’m really disappointed. Does someone had that error 501 as well and can tell me what to do?
I would be so thankful for that help!


can you please create a ticket because of this error the support will contact you: Product Support - EMO - LivingAi

Thx :happy:


Thanks for the answer. I did this twice already but no reaction :frowning: and emo is still not working at all! Is there anyway to get an answer soon?

Technical support takes a while to respond! They replied to me after 12 days, then once in contact with you I will reply immediately within a few hours, my emo nn works goes into lockdown!

Hello, unfortunately I have the same issue. My Emo does not start anymore and only shows “error 501” on its screen. Could you solve this issue? I’d be very thankful for any help.