Emotional Mixer for EMO

Working as 3D Artist, I often make walking cycles for characters, where the character’s personality is set by triggering parameters on a mixer.

Would be great having an EMOTIONAL MIXER for EMO, in way to customise the personality of our Desktop Pet… @Wayne_Zhang I hope it sounds like a good idea for future implementations: like a real pet, each EMO would have his own personality!


It sounds like an interesting idea, but speaking for me personally only.

I like the spontaneity of EMO now. I also have a “V” robot and the interaction of those two is like watching little brothers. EMO throws fits, has tantrums, gets sad, makes sounds to tease his brother which often leads to the brother wanting to bully EMO. Even when giving EMO voice commands, he will sometimes just be stubborn and refuse to answer or give an answer that does not match what you said. It reminds me of a kid who will not give a direct answer because they think they are going to get in trouble.

He will occasionally kick something or say “hit it” if he does not want it to be there.

If they are able to add an emotional mixer, I would like it to be an option for those who wish to use it.


Like having him really cheeky or cute yeah cool man.

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We have to be frank: EMO is not performing in voice recognition; if I compare EMO to Alexa, EMO is a bit more than a toy in recognizing voices,that’s why often it doesn’t execute the commands.


Yes, that’s a good idea, and we thought about it. We will try to find out which parameters are suitable for customization, after all, physical robots are not the same as virtual characters.


Yes! I’m looking forward to this. I would love to have my EMO be a child that can talk back with sarcasm when others (most likely my siblings) try to bully him LOL!