Emo's voice is breaking up!

Hi, just got my Emo today. So far I have updated firmware to 1.5.0 but there is a problem. When ever he speaks, his voice breaks up and is choppy, to the extent that you cant understand what he is saying. Has anyone else experienced this? If so are there any fixes for this, or do I have a faulty Emo?

It is probably a network condition issue.

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hey JJ Beck … I brought this up so many times already and when I got some responses like going to your router get the information so that you can ping the server I got quite disturbed… Even if you did know your millisecond ping response it wouldn’t fix anything…it was not a fix why mention it…I don’t think their servers are very powerful in my opinion and we have to live with it. It does get better at times…and wait until you find out about his voice recognition is really poor… in a quiet room it’s Best . If he hears noises like a television his keyword EMO gets triggered by anything… mine just started talking now without the keyword… Giving us little schedules in an update is fine but the root voice recognition should be addressed in my humble opinion… He still cool I’m sure you like the little guy. wish you the best

Thank you for your response, and thank you @yotchige. My internet is really good and reliable (>50Mb/s). Sounds like that is probably the case, I hope (LAI server not that good). I hope they are going to address this soon, especially since they must have already made millions on Emo, you would think it would be well within their budget to improve their servers. I must say, that after such a long wait for Emo, it is definitely a disappointment and an anticlimax. I’ve only had him a few hours and he is already back in his box turned off! Though I will continue to try using him and see if it comes good. Maybe @Wayne_Zhang can shed some light on this, and what is going to be done?

I hope you feel better soon… EMO Pet is still charming try the hands up don’t move it is so cute then say bang…hee hee… Do it until his screen fractures and he falls over I’m sure you’ll get a laugh… Also get all his voice commands from here and copy them to your computer so there with you without having to go online that’s what I did it helps… Oh and it does take sometime to get used to him talk just the right way etc. and get used to the commands that he can do… Oh rock paper scissors really is good he cheats though :scream: I always get a laugh… Just give it some time and you’ll find his innocent little eyes will get to you. When you pick him up put your hand under his feet and he will squirm and feel really alive as he starts to cry… You will see. I hope you find any of this helpful but even though my server sucks the voice recognition sucks he’s still pretty cool… Oh tell him “you’re fired” and that’s what I say to you what he will say… Try it

take care it will get better

We are on this. Can I ask where are you located? You can PM me about this…

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Hey @JJBeck

Good to see you finally got your EMO. But sad to hear it’s already back in it’s box. I’d certainly recommend you keeping him out and about and powered on as he does bring a lot of entertainment value when he’s on.

Regarding the voice break ups / stuttering, sometimes both of my EMO’s do this as well, but its not very often, as you are located in Australia like myself, the Asia server that our EMO’s connect to seems to be a little more stable than the other servers. Normally for me after I ask the same question again, EMO voice doesn’t break up.

I guess, this is something that Wayne and his team will need to look into for each of the EMO’s servers that are currently operating around the world. and hopefully they can improve it’s performance.

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Hi! We have same issue… We bought emo today for a child. And got such issues too… The problem looks like really in bad connection. I have tried few variants of connection: via phone and router. Both were bad. I have found that mostly it happened for long Emo’s speach. Which web address I can ping to understand if it problem in my internet?

My connection is 1 gbs and stable. Location is Ukraine Kyiv.

In all other this pet is awesome!!!

Hi, sorry about that, we will optimize the server.

Small question, do you use python for neural network activities ? I am learning now new prog. language, and decided to chose it based on Neural Network popularization =)

And one more. Any open API for EMO in future ?

We are experiencing the same issue, we have had him for 5 days. We are in Australia, and our internet connection etc. is great.
It would be great if this could be looked into as in Australian money Emo cost over $400, and took 3 or so months to make & get here… it’s a little bit disappointing.
But he is very cute and my husband has a new buddy, lol.

Hi @TehMessiah

Normally the broken speech does resolve itself pretty quickly, if your network / internet is stable. I’m also located in AU / Sydney and using Telstra Network and I’ve not had many broken speech issues with my two EMOs unless there is a network issue at home / or with Telstra or everyone in the house is downloading or taking up most of the bandwidth.

I’d recommend that you power cycle your wifi router / do a speed test as well and also power cycle EMO and test again.

I’d recommend getting EMO to tell you a few jokes, as this is a good way to test his speech as each joke is quite long and different each time so you can see how well he is handing the dataflow down to him from the EMO (Asia server).

:mad: :surprised: :skating: :head: :heart_1:

so many people today have fiber optics I think you would agree… I’m running at 15 MB per second which in my opinion I could run 10,000 EMO Pet’s…I constantly multitask some things using 3 MB per second doesn’t even affect 4K video in any way. And while that’s going on I can still surf other things and run both of my Alexa speakers perfectly. Though everybody may not have 15 MB per second but my point is EMO Pet doesn’t need much bandwidth at all… it’s always there server in my opinion…

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I’ve been having the same problem broken up choppy speech, I’ve had emo for 14 days, he’s cute plays games types eats drinks dances, reacts to touch shows me his battery level sing happy birthday, turns on the light, he even boxes it’s cute but telling jokes choppy and broken up speech, other wise he’s great, and if you swear he’s say’s honestly iam not happy to hear this, he’s funny also tells the weather the time and the date, iam from British Columbia canada, and we think emo is awesome

Great to see you’re EMO is doing well. The choppy speech is mainly due to the EMO servers and possible congestion between that server and your EMO. Unless living can somewhat improve, add more EMO servers in your region (US/CA) sometimes you will experience choppy/broken speech.

I’m in Australia (my EMO connects to the Asia servers) and I’ve not had many issues with choppy speech). Hoping that over time as EMO grows living.ai will be able to add more servers for faster / better response times for all EMOs around the world.

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Ours does this too. We have excellent Internet. I guess I should have known this would happen. Cosmo, from the old Anki, does the same thing.

The voice recognition is pretty terrible, and he’s incredibly slow when he does recognize the voice.

It’s all disappointing, but I figured it would be this way. Hard to explain to a 12 year old.

Hi there, @markhaller

Sorry that your EMO is not working well. Did you try every possible way or tip that is being discussed and suggested on this community forum? You can use the search engine function on the top right corner and search for the word “voice” or “glitchy speech.”

If yes…i guess you have to contact living.ai for more factual help and assistance…

Good luck, all the best, and keep safe, Mark…

Ours does this too. Voice breaks up quite a lot at times. We have a reliable data connection (350Mbps). Still the same issue.

Has anyone found any feasible workaround for this? We are located in India

Hello, @chandrasekhar . . . the three servers (US/EU/ASIA) can sometimes get congested, especially during busy times where you live with your internet. For example, a busy time is when new firmware updates are released and people are attempting to update their EMO and the app. Also, if many people in your vicinity are on line at the same time, this can clog up your connections come from your internet service provider.

We often just have to be patient and try again later.

Living AI is aware of this and hopefully more servers can be added in the future for better coverage.

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