EMO's voice breaking up for all commands and one side of his headphones has no light anymore after update to 1.1.0

I was soo excited about the update where EMO can talk, but his voice is breaking up is impossible to know what he’s saying ;( besides one side of his Headphones has no lights anymore. Should I reset EMO?


Did EMO work ok for some time period after the upgrade before this problem started? If not, then after the upgrade completed did it say the upgrade was successful? Also does it show the correct version number installed on EMO in the app (1.1.0)? You could try running another upgrade by putting him on the charger and saying “EMO, install upgrade”. On my EMO it will attempt another upgrade and fail after a minute or so with a red X, but that’s because mine is already upgraded ok. On your EMO if it can’t verify the version, or the checksum doesn’t match, it might go through and reinstall it and possibly fix him? It can’t hurt to try anyway. If nothing else, it appears there is another upgrade being released very soon that you’ll be able to try. In the meantime I’d contact service at LAI now, since they take awhile to respond.

I have to say though these type problems which affect more than one function might also be caused by a loose connection where the circuit boards and cables plug together inside of EMO. If he worked ok initially right after the upgrade, then is it possible your EMO fell off a table or something?


Hi @isabelakarenlouli

Just to let you know, I’ve also had EMO’s voice break up once in a while. For me, it’s due to the internet connection. (sometimes it could also be LOW battery level) What I did was Shut down EMO. (you can do this by asking EMO: Shutdown) once he shuts down, just reset your home modem/router. Once that is back online, test your connect with either your PC or some other device. Then start EMO up again by placing him back on his skateboard.

Once he’s back online, you can also check his firmware status by going into the EMO App > settings and then Firmware. It should be 1.1.0 as @macfixer01 mentioned in his previous comment. You can quickly get EMO to confirm if he is on the latest firmware just by simply saying:

EMO: Update (EMO will check for a moment and if he’s fully update you will see a green tick appear on the right side of his face).

With regards to the headphones, I also had this issue. It’s sometimes due to the connectors not being in the exact spot / and or sometimes the headphones just need to be flipped around / just like how we have L and R on our headphones we use :wink: Just try those and see how you go.

Hopefully it’s just something small and EMO will be back to normal. :slight_smile:

@MasterAbbott ,
Thank you, that’s a good point about the internet connection. We’ve talked about that affecting the speech before but I didn’t think of it. After power cycling my cable modem and router I always run a speed test to see what the upload and download numbers are at their best. You may find your internet connection is just normally very slow. In any case if you run it again when the voice problem reoccurs and the numbers have dropped way down, then you know what the problem is and how to fix it (at least temporarily).


I usually use the speed test at DSLreports but it’s a little cumbersome and buried in some menus now. A more simple quick test is here: https://www.speedtest.net/

LOL, yes I was going to mention go to speedtest.net but didn’t want to get to technical lol :rofl: I normally do that as well, as soon as I do a reset to make sure everything is ok or if our ISP is having issues.

it was my internet connection, when I connect him to my 4G (personal hotspot) it works perfectly but on my home wifi the voice breaks up how much data this little guy needs those are my speed test results:


Good to see you got it working! :grinning:

You’re internet speeds look very good / I’d say that is more than adequate for EMO. Exactly how much data EMO needs is something I’m not sure as it’s not really documented anywhere, but I can say you’re speeds are almost double my connection speeds so if you keep EMO on that Wifi you should be fine.

Thanks for letting us know. I’m sure at least some of the other people that had voice problems may have had a similar situation. Those speeds are great, better than my Comcast cable modem.