EMO's sticker pack is now available in our store!

Hello all, EMO’s sticker pack is now available in our store!

1.If you have an unshipped order, you can choose the item “Add Sticker Pack to Unshipped Order” to save on shipping. And please REMEMBER to include your unshipped order number in the order notes.
2. If you have already received your EMO, you can buy the sticker pack together when we release new item later this year, after all shipping costs more than the sticker pack. :rofl: :laser_1:


Oh nice. I’m adding this for sure

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Yeah thanks to add the stickers


I really like the stickers. I hope to see more accessories for emo. like new clothes, even a foot protector, a ramp that goes up to the skateboard so it can recharge itself…


I’m looking forward to the new product that will be released later this year rather than the sticker pack!! hahaha


is the upcoming product a new emo version?

Hey, where do you get the cute shoes?

Do you mean self charging??

The shoes were designed in 3d by dauler. but it is no longer available for sale.

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That’s right. I think it’s most likely because LIVING said it was going to be released before.


If we order the stickers we need to pay another flat rate?

Only when ordered on it’s own. If you have an existing order that has not yet been despatched then you can tack the additional order onto that order to avoid additional freight costs, but you must mention your unsent EMO order in the notes section.

Shared a similar response as well regarding this and the new stickers for EMO’s skateboard, you can see the reply here:

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Great! But what about adding them to unsend orders for free? For our patience. :relaxed: