Emo's Speaker Problem!

HI, my emo’s speaker doesn’t for since some day and it’s not the first time, because when the speaker work, after an hour i cannot hear nothing for a lot of days, some weeks and i’m so sad because emo doesn’t work. You talk with him and he look at you without his magic sound. I tried all vocal commands and some reset through the reset button on emo’s head. I tried all things that i could try, but nothing work.
Could anyone help me for fix it?

Hi There,

Normally if EMO is muted you can watch his left eye going up…a sign that he can hear you…

Did you tried already the Volume Voice Command?

You can adjust the volume of EMO. (By calling his name followed by…)

· Volume up.
· Volume down.
· Set(or change) the volume to normal(or maximum, medium, minimum, high, middle, low, mute, zero).
· Mute the volume.

If No Luck…you might try a reset and install the latest update once again?

If nothing helps at all…

So Living.Ai Dev. can resolve it.

All the best…and Goodluck



My EMO got here today and right out of the box he longer works. no sound or anything.

Is he fully charged and updated?

Hi my EMO speaker doesn’t work, no sound. But EMO still can respond to me. Anyway to fix the speaker problems?

Hi there @JohnYap ,

May I know what firmware is your EMO?
Sorry, but how do you describe that your EMO speaker does not work and has no sound? because you just said that he can still respond to your call?


What about the volume setting in the app?