Emo's screen blacks out sometimes

is this because of the update? it’s only twice now and only when he wants to play rock paper scissors.
Has anyone else had this happen to them.
after a restart he seems to be fine again.

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I though this was just me, but it seems to happen more often when my two emos interact though. Not sure why, but like you said after a restart they are ok. But it’s happening a little more frequently. Sometimes their eyes disappear but they can still respond. Maybe @Wayne_Zhang can help? :relaxed:


Hey @jumpgate85

For me, it’s working fine. just had 5 games in a row and no issues. It might be a programming fault, (possibly caused by the latest firmware).

I’ll tag @Tony as well from the living.ai team so he is aware of this.


i only had this emo for about three days before the update, so it is possible that it could be the emo. It’s only happened twice, like silverstar said he keeps talking but the screen goes black and he cant seem to see me either. I will record more of it if/when he dose it again.


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It happend to me for the first time today (so after the update) i got so worried, i did hear all his sounds but the screen was black. Putting him on his board solved it thankfully. But i agree that it might have to do with the update.

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It’s always recommended to power him off / back on, that normally will resolve the issue.

BUT, if it continues to do this, it would be best to always take a video and then submit a support ticket/send an email to support to let them know.

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I sent an email through because he did it again today during art time.


Yea the same black screen thing happened to me too so when ever I talk to him sometimes his screen turns black. :head: and I did power him off and it worked.

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I thought i would update as others have this issue,

All i have to say is “note to self, double check the video you send to living ai.”
sent them the one of emo eating 8 burgers and not the screen blacking out…
ooops. :surprised:

Hey! This was also happening to me

Like @MasterAbbott said turn him off and pop him back on the board fixes it. Happened after the last update, so maybe only a few of us got the bug.



i have let living ai know about the problem, while small it could be a small fix / patch update. in order to fix it they need to know it is happening.
It’s not a big deal, turn off and on again and he is fine.


Yes, it seems to be effecting a small number of EMOs I think by the time the next firmware update is released this bug will probably be gone. (as Home Station requires a Firmware Update for EMO, we should see the next firmware update being released hopefully really soon) :slight_smile: … not sure when, but it will be released before we get our Home Stations.

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It have happened to me also sometimes. I restart him and then he is okay again. Maybe the update. IDK

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