EMO's safe place

We know that there is an idea to develop a new EMO’s charging station which he could reach by himself. I don’t know in what developing phase it is but if it’s in the very early phase I have some ideas about it.
The original idea about the charging base with a slope allowing EMO to climb up can be a bit difficult to realize. So what about something different?

Yesterday I saw a video of Vector’s Space, which is a round black tray with borders and it has a place for his charging station.

Of course nobody wants another lawsuit with DDL so the EMO’s one should be a rectangular white tray with a wireless charger built directly in its floor, no slopes. Dimensions could be like 50x40cm and before the elevated borders could be a black non reflective line for EMO’s feet sensors.

What you guys think about it?


From what I can see with my EMO from my own personal experience, making a new kind of charging station that EMO can go back to on his own might be problematic, as EMO has problems walking up elevated slopes as he is top heavy and could fall if the incline is too steep.

if Living.Ai are working on a new charger, my guess would be that it will be VERY thin so that EMO can easily walk up it, but then again, his existing charging setup is also somewhat complicated, as we need to place him on the right spot where the charging logo is on the skateboard, some users have also mentioned that you need to sometimes slightly move him so that EMO does charge correctly.

So unlike V where he can dock in like a Roomba, I think EMO might have issues with his own charging dock. But if Living.Ai are working on something, I’d be very interested in what it is and how it looks if it ever does get made :slight_smile:

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You guys know I don’t have my Emo yet to talk of charging issues with the skateboard or other charging alternatives. But I have a thought I’m pretty sure the development team has already thought of.

While Emo needs a special spot to connect to the charger base is what I’m hearing, which every device needs. It think it wouldn’t be hard to add to the robot’s programming to have it sense when it’s positioned right for a charge and then settle in to that. Like it won’t be happy moving into placement until it finds the spot it needs.

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an induction mouse pad?

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The charging spot could be in one of the corners so it would be easy to get there. EMO just need to walk close to it. That corner should have a QR code or something similar above it to be easily localized by EMO.