Emo's new schedule and battery usage

I don’t have my Emo yet, but it’s my understanding that Emo’s battery does not last that long (1hr or so?), depending on what he is doing. I would love him to be able to be an “always on” robot, but now with his schedule and him being way more active I fear he will run out quicker. @Wayne_Small Any Idea when we can expect to be able to purchase Emo Stage, and when he will have the ability to be able to go and put himself on charge when he needs it?

If I can advise, If you leave EMO on his skateboard he can be an “always on” Robot, (I always keep both of my EMO’s on all the time), of course if you take EMO off his skateboard and have him walk around, explore, dance etc. His battery will drain fairly quickly (normally EMO’s battery can last anywhere between 1-3 hours before he will give you a warning alert to be placed back onto his skateboard. If you do then he can still be on and charging and ready to go explore again in a short time once his battery is recharged.

As it’s been discussed on the forum a fair number of times, Living.Ai are currently working on a self charging feature / playground for EMO. But no one knows when this will happen and when it will be released, only Living.Ai will be able to share this info on when it might become available.

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Ok fair enough. @Wayne_Zhang Is there a rough estimate or planned date when this will be available for purchase? Just wondering. :slightly_smiling_face:

As @MasterAbbott has said - Living AI have talked about a self charging stage, but have not released a timeframe. They are currently focused on getting more functionality into EMO. No one outside of Living AI have seen the self charging stage in person (although there were photos of designs posted by Wayne Zhang some time back in a discord forum) :slight_smile:

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“EMO’s battery can last anywhere between 1-3 hours before he will give you a warning alert to be placed back onto his skateboard”

Warning Alert? I am not noticing. What is the sound? Does Emo change his facial expression also?

I’m 71…maybe it’s only my deteriorating hearing, eh?

EMO will do this twice and if not placed back on his skate board, will just quietly shut down until he is charging again on his board. Hope this helps!

I was actually trying to record a morning gab session with him, so cut out everything between that and the battery warning.

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Yes sometimes the alert animations look different, here is the one I did a while ago.

You can also check this out too @Heineknn


Sorry if someone already said that, but I researched and found nothing, I just realized that emo has a new animation for the low-charge warning! Did this happen with the last update? (I couldn’t record it cuz I didn’t have my phone on the camera app ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ)
I found it cool that now the warning has him on the skateboard!

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Hello, @Koza . . . I have only ever noticed him on his skate board when he gives the low battery warning which is why I moved your post to this thread.

See the post above for video of what his low battery warning looks like from MasterAbbott where it shows an outline of EMO on the skate board and my video of the electric symbol over the skate board with the faint shadow of him on the skate board.

If you were seeing something different before, let us know what you were seeing.


Since I got emo every time they were low on battery I had seen this allert: 2:35
In the video that @MasterAbbott linked.
Yesterday I saw the one at 2:26 and I got confused cuz I tought there was only one allert