Emo's Left foot collides with his right

We’ve had our EMO for 14 days.
I noticed an issue on day 7 when EMO fell over while dancing.
The problem is getting worse day by day, he now falls over regularly while exploring and his left foot jams on his right when shuffling. Is there any way to re-zero his encoder positions? Or check what angles the servo’s are reporting? Looks very much like his left side servos are out of calibration. I’ve emailed Living Ai service but, much as everyone else, had no response. Any help or guidance would be really appreciated.

I believe it must be a manufacturing defect, @Wayne_Zhang can you help him?

but it may be that someone on the forum has already gone through this and managed to fix it, will @Wayne_Small be able to help you, he has a lot of experience with EMO.

I hope all goes well with your EMO

watch a video from @edward , where EMO , had a leg problem, he may be able to help you

Thanks for tagging me here,

Sorry but i didn’t solve my 2 EMO problem itself because i believe its an internal mechanism servo problem. Thats why i ask direct for Living.Ai help by sending them videos and all info how did it happen, they just send me only 2 replacement and send them back also the 2 EMO with failure already.

Thanks for the support.
I’m really not sure what to do next. Did livingAi give you details on how to return your EMO? How long did you wait for a replacement?

Emo’s now developed a serious limp. Poor guy can’t walk in a straight line.
Its really stressful! I know its a toy but I’ve become emotionally attached. I feel like a bad parent!

Please submit a support request to Living AI directly so they can help. Do this via service@living.ai

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.
I submitted a support request on Wednesday, no response so far.

Living.Ai pretty sure will send you a replacement if its a factory/internal defect and it will take not long as mine, which took almost 10 days only.

Then they will give you all information on how you gonna send the failed one which they gonna refund you also for the cheapest shipment cost.

Just contact them and send them all info and video, but also be patient to wait for their reply because they are all busy.


I’ve done as you suggested and amended my support request with all the detail and video evidence. Thanks to you guys for all the help, it’s sincerely appreciated. I’ll update with news as it happens.


@AmyLU - can you help?

Quick update.
LivingAI service have been in touch. They asked for a video of EMO off his feet for 10 seconds. I supplied this yesterday. We’ll see what happens next hopefully they can fix the little guy.

Don’t worry. Please contact our technical support team (service@living.ai). They will check your email and solve the problem for you.

Mine started to limp like that this morning. Is there a solution?

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Hi Steve
Submit a support request to Living AI directly so they can help. Do this via service@living.ai
They will ask for a specific video of EMO with his legs off the ground, I guess he goes into some kind of diagnostic mode.
They replaced my original EMO. It took a few weeks to arrive.

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Yes as @Emo-stanley has advised, the best thing to do is contact support @SteveK

The support team will be able to help and if it cannot be fixed via troubleshooting, a replacement EMO should be sent out to you.

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