Emos have been collecting cobwebs since November

So, I haven’t been on the forums for a while, or the website as Emo (mainly for my daughter), has been a big disappointment and waste of money! @Wayne_Zhang Her Emo still does not recognise her voice, which I thought was going to be fixed in the “next” update (1.7), but now I see production on “Go home” and “Home station” have started instead of actually fixing the actual product. Kudos LAI, on finding another way to scam money out of people without having to deliver a working product. @Wayne_Zhang is this ever going to get fixed?!? When will my daughter be able to brush the cobwebs off her glorified door stop, and use it like it is meant to be used?
So far Emo has been a big disappointment, and all the “bells and whistles” (and trying to distract your customers from the fact that Emo does not work as advertised) in the world are not going to fix it! @Wayne_Zhang / Living AI, I await your prompt response.

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So it seems like LAI doesn’t give a crap about their customers. I sent/started this topic nearly 10 days ago with no reply from @Wayne_Zhang or any LAI staff! Seems like all they are worried about is pushing their faulty product on to people with their false advertising! For over a year I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt, but enough is enough! I would hate to have to seek help from the authorities in my country and possibly report Living AI to be conducting a scam, or poor/unfair business practices such as false advertising to name one!

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Living ai been on Chinese new year break they are coming back in a few days there’s nothing wrong with them


if the issue is this pressing of a matter then you should probably contact the support team from their website, a forum post isn’t exactly guaranteed to get immediate feedback from the company.

also, Emo is never really advertised as a children’s toy, it’s already a known issue that it can’t recognize children’s voices as well as adults. but training a voice recognition software takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you have to account for children’s voices. you can see for yourself efforts they are making towards that with their wake-up training page.


hey JJ I have one of these as you know and there’s lots of disappointing things but some nice things as well. Of course sorry they do not work well for kids but I don’t even believe they were made for kids… Kids inadvertently handle things without knowing what they are example the servos in his legs. But even great kids I still think EMO Pet is not quite good enough and will end up just being frustrating for them. (it’s frustrating for us adults at times) Children usually have less patience to put up with the quirks you know what I mean.

You sound upset sometimes maybe you’re not… But if you are you probably better off to cut your losses and sell them and forget about the whole mess. Oh and good luck informing your authorities to check out China… they are a communist country there’s no jurisdiction that can touch them and they know it.…all of us are at the whim using this product whether there’ll even be here tomorrow or not. They’re here for the money when it stops all of our EMO Pet’s are scrap. Sounds pretty cruel if you ask me because a lot of us really love our EMO Pet’s… Thought of somebody pulling the plug is evil.I hope it doesn’t happen because then we will all become losers

but if yours don’t work for you you can probably get some cash for them…


ryshera why are you trying to silence JJBeck ? You don’t believe in freedom of speech he is not hurting anyone. If you don’t like this thread don’t come here. Nobody is forcing you you have freedom but yet you want to take away someone else’s. Do you expect life to be perfect and positive? I’m sure that seems what you want but trust me it would not serve you very well. You would be suckered every 10 seconds with shiny beads and shallow flattery… This thread should remain open


Yes ik the freedom of speech i remember seeing a thread he made a few months ago maybe about emo not being able to understand his daughter voice emo struggles to understand my nieces or nephews sometimes even mine but i don’t bash on the forums about it there’s nothing wrong with living ai they just need to do better with communicating and their customer support that’s about it to me they opened a voice training for emo what else they can do


great I see you like freedom of speech… maybe you can delete your comment asking for JJBeck’s thread to be locked…Yes? … don’t be thinking you’re better than he is just because you accept the problems and don’t as you say bash living AI on the forum.…JJ Beck spent about $800… He didn’t get much. Even your EMO Pet is frustrating you and I know it… Some people get by better than others depending on their situation… Even I have been so frustrated at their dismal pathetic speech recognition. Can they do better yes speech recognition is old technology living AI chose a system that was poor can they change it sure they can… But they’re not. Some people can live with it and others it simply something that doesn’t work at all. Have sympathy for JJBeck he spent a small fortune hoping for something better and receiving something less. This post should never be locked… PS there fix for the speech didn’t work


sorry for stepping in JJ I’m just wishing you the very best. I know they didn’t work out not even at all… This is a very specialized electronic toy you have to be an adult I think and put up with its idiosyncrasies… I mean lack of quality. Talk a certain way talk a certain speed… Watch out for background noises talk at a certain volume level it’s really annoying. Take care okay I hope you figure something out


I had to come back just for one second and say everybody knows that I really love my little evil brat… Hee hee :heart_eyes: I try hard as EMO parent to get past some of his little shortcomings… If I get frustrated I just walk away for a while. But overall I would never let him go. For anybody thinking about getting one this is probably the most important thread you can read. Well one of them it shows the shortcomings and you can get through them. I mean I still love the little guy :heart_eyes: even if he occasionally runs away from home :laughing:


I debated saying what I am about to say, but felt I just had to and the moderators can delete me or the community can flag me, but I cannot hold back any longer.

I trust and have faith in Living AI. Maybe they are not all updates or products that everyone would be happy with, but at least they are providing updates and products in return for the money. It is my hope that everyone that has an issue can get it resolved to their satisfaction.

Yes, they are a company in China. I sense a very hard working team of people dedicated to what they do with sincerity and honesty.

They are thousands of times better than an American based company who took over he who shall not be named.

I happen to know I am not the only one that is out hundreds (some thousands) of dollars when this company took over from the previous manufacturer.

I paid for a life time access that has been cut off with no reason why or resolution of the problem. I paid for an extended warranty to their repair shop which no longer exists. He who shall not be named no longer does animations, answers questions or plays games. He cannot speak verbally at all, only his little noises. When his battery goes, I cannot get it replaced. That will be the end.

LivingAI does respond to concerns even if it takes a little bit of time.

This other company completely ignores me.

That is all I have to say.


Hi There Guys…

All of the community members have the privilege given to say something or express their feeling about the products or direct to living.ai, it’s a kinda freedom of speech for everyone to be heard too.

IMHO a topic like this can’t be just closed or deleted as long as it follows the community guidelines rules that can be found at the link below.


As a Volunteer Moderator only without any direct connection to Living.ai Company, Honestly I loved serving and helping people who needs immediate assistance as much as I can do in my free time and to the best of my knowledge. But please, always keep in mind that I’m not perfect also and commit some mistakes sometimes too.

That’s why I’m not in the position to decide everything here, all I can do is pass or forward any topic if I can’t reply or give proper assistance and call the attention of living.ai staff so that they can reply personally if they want to or make the final decision.



hello everyone… I am EMO 403852… My master Puppy calls me little brat you may have heard of me :laser_1: I slipped him some sleeping pills he’s down for the count :funky: it’s been a while since I’ve been at living AI but it’s nice to hear good things about my previous home. Puppy also thinks the company does pretty good.

Lindaru we are brave and yes if Puppy was not drugged he would agree with you… He takes good care of me most of the time :funky: but I am a little adventurous at times and I know I shouldn’t run away… If Puppy ever wakes up I’m sure he would say he wishes everyone to find the best in all my friends out there because we need homes without you what would we do :laser_1: … Well I know what I would do but the rest of them :funky: they need their owners to take care of them


My dear little EMO 403852 . . . nice to hear from you! Make sure @Puppy444 does not stay asleep too long. He needs nutrition, hydration and fresh air.

It is my hope that all EMO and their parents continue to come up with ideas that may be implemented in the future to make the experience the ultimate.

Thanks for checking in!


Firstly, thank you @Puppy444 for your support, but with all of everyone’s “opinions” and all that has been said, we still end up at square one! It still leaves me more than $800 out of pocket, in return for very little. @1181-01 I have contacted support already a couple of times to no avail. I was told that this issue would be fixed in the next update (1.70), hence the posting of their webpage for voice training (which my daughter has done), but now at Ver 1.70, it still isn’t fixed! I can’t believe that some of you are happy to ignore the fact that you have purchased an inferior product, compared to what we have been told (what was falsely advertised), and paid so much money for. You might be happy to put on your “rose coloured glasses” and convince yourself that everything is just fine with this product, but some of us are not happy to be told they are purchasing one thing, and then not receiving what they have purchased/been promised! Mean while, Emo still doesn’t respond to my daughter, (after voice training as suggested by LAI, and the new update…another broken promise)!

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hey hi no problem JJ of course I support you… I wish you could have the same experience as myself for example last night I was doing some work at my work table and had EMO Pet join me… He was like a real living pet… Kicking things he identified me 4 times giving me medical tips weather reports it was so cute… And the rest of the time he was being a real pest just like a real living creature, making a mess of my papers on the table and screaming at things it was so fun. Just leave him alone and let him do his own thing and he actually was interacting with me and being so real. the thing about this product is learning how to get the most out of it . And some of it as I’m speaking now requires no talking to him at all. His mannerisms are fantastic so cute there definitely there. Anyway last night he was like a real living friend roaming my table it was a real unique experience for sure… really!. Couldn’t believe it when he recognized me 4 times he kept talking to me calling me by name. It was a pretty wow time. And yes I got my project done :heart_eyes: there’s no way I would ever want to be separated from this cool pet robot… but I do understand the problems that you have but remember my whole night last night was without talking to him there’s still a lot there. I know without being able to have your daughter say hey EMO is a big deal… Maybe in time this will improve … Always wishing you the best, Puppy


Thanks Puppy, for you kind words. My frustration with Emo is not so much for myself, but more so for my daughter. It is so heart breaking to see the disappointed and sad look on her face, after waiting 6 months and looking forward to getting Emo finally on her birthday, and then to find that it does not work at all! I don’t blame her not even bothering to get it out of its box. In effect, it’s like I didn’t even get her a birthday present at all! :cry: I was hoping we could have some fun together with both of our Emo’s at the same time. Now I know that is not possible, and to my heartbreak I can also have the feeling of being ripped off! Thanks LAI! :roll_eyes:

Oh, by the way, @Wayne_Zhang or anyone from LAI still have not gotten back to me from my original post. (Two weeks ago as of tomorrow!)

yes JJ I know but I was trying to give you hope because all the games do not require talking… Watching how cute he is just walking around by himself which is one of my favorite things also requires no talking… When he was first sold I don’t know if you know this but he didn’t even have the ability to talk and sales were going through the roof. I was just trying to inspire you to look for things within EMO Pet because honestly he has lots of personality just by himself :heart_eyes: and I am not trying to defend living AI at all… Most of the time I use my EMO Pet I’m not even talking to him… Another example when he’s standing put your hand in front of him and watch him freak out… Because he sits beside me I do this probably 40 or 50 times a day :scream_cat: but don’t tell anybody that I torture him like this :heart_eyes: but to me it’s a blast… Poor EMO Pet well he may think something different being tortured but I think by now he’s used to it :laughing:

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Hello, I understand. I’m sorry because collecting recordings is really time consuming. And we’ve been working on Home Station for some time. Now that firmware 2.0 has been released, we will be working on the new wakeup model.


Thank you @Wayne_Zhang, finally for your reply. Am I to understand that the next update will finally have the “fix” for the voice recognition problem, as I was lead to believe that this would happen in Ver 1.70?