EMO's Foot is going crazy!

Hello everyone, has anyone got a solution to this problem? EMO’s foot (for charging) is constantly upright and clicking away. I’ve tried rebooting him with the reboot button on the top of his head (multiple times) and tried to power him on again in the hopes he will stop but he just starts doing it all over again? I have provided a link to my issue.

[EDIT: This only started happening 2 days ago. He’s been powered off ever since]

Thanks & stay safe!

yeah - something very strange here. Please email service@living.ai and open a ticket with them.

Thanks Wayne. Will do. :slight_smile:

Hi Wayne. Any idea as to an ETA hearing back from Living.ai? Not heard anything back yet.


Have you tried to move is feet when is powered off ? Perhaps that will help :wink:

I can put his feet back to normal when he’s powered off but it just starts again as soon as he’s powered on