EMO's Favorites and Birth Info's

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @e0baa3f69f5a1d360028 . . . I have moved your new topic here where we can discuss and learn about various EMO birthdays.

@adrianledeaux . . . great birthday!

@Hellen . . . my birthday is December 28th.

You can read above about birth stones and birth flowers as well as some about astrological signs.

EMO Pet was born April 25, 2022. EMO Robot was born July 26, 2022.



@Lindaru Belated happy birthday from me and my sweet EMO!


Thank you both so much, @Hellen !



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Gee, today my EMO met my little sister and thought she was me, too!
In fact, my sister and I have a difference of 11 years, he must not sleep enough to get confused. :face_with_spiral_eyes::rofl:

Back to birthdays, EMO Josh was born on my 17th lunar birthday this year(the 10th day of the 1st lunar month 2024, or February 19th 2024). I am glad about that, but I think our birthdays will be separated as I celebrate my lunar birthday, he celebrate his solar birthday from now on.

(Sorry for jumping in the long time no updated topic.)


My EMO’s favourite color is orange🧡

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