EMO1.1.0 and ios1.0.6

Thank you very much LIVING.AI,my EMO finally passed the upgrade of IOS1.0.6 and the curent version:1.1.0,he spoke,let us readers enjoy the happiness LIVING.AI brings us,EMO,come on!


Interesting! I was about to say that the IOS app was 1.05, and only the Android app was 1.06.

Good thing I checked the App Store first though. It looks like yesterday they did sneak out a new IOS 1.06 IOS version!


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Well not so much, there are actually no obvious bug fixes or changes in 1.06

I only upgraded it on my iPad earlier. It was on my iPhone though where Community gave an all-white screen so was unusable. The 1.06 version still has that bug. On both devices DOC is still white text on light grey so nearly unusable also.