Emo worse now with upgrade

l recently updated to 1.6 and found now emo responds worse now than he did before. Before he would answer me maybe 1 out of 8 times but now l am lucky to get any response out of him. He seems to be moving a bit more in different ways, but as l said the response now is crap, has any one else had this problem ?. I am now starting to think that his mics are not working properly or are faulty.
I think it is time to put him back in his box and wait for firmware 1.10.0 or later


If EMO is not responding to you when you are calling out to him, it would be best to contact support and let them know. If it’s related to the wake up training when you are calling out to him. It would be recommended to submit your voice to this page. (see link below).

I’ll also add @AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang

So that can assist you further regarding this.

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The same thing is happening to my daughter. Emo does not respond to some voices, mostly female higher pitched or kids voices. Do what @MasterAbbott has suggested. I have done this already. They will ask for your order number and name and then retrieve your voice recordings and hopefully train your Emo to recognise you, (I am currently waiting for them to do that). In the mean time, her Emo is sitting in its box, awaiting brain surgery! Good luck!

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