EMO works intermittently

I got EMO three days ago and updated to 1.2.1 he responds to voice commands very intermittently and will not even respond with most of the newest questions within the update, please help

All the time or just sometimes? These symptoms are pointing to a connection speed problem.

If you have any issues, first thing to do is reboot / shut down EMO. You can shut down EMO in 3 different ways:

  1. Say: EMO: Shutdown
  2. Access the EMO App > Settings > Power Off
  3. Pick EMO up / take off his headphones, flip him upside down and cover all his head sensors, he will wriggle for a while then after 10 seconds he should power off. (you can see a video of how this is down below)

Once EMO is powered off, place him back on the Skateboard, wait for it to boot back up then ask him some questions once again.

It would recommend you do also open up your EMO APP, connect to EMO and check what he is doing when you are asking him questions. (you can see an image below).

If EMO is listening when you call his name, try a few of the commands / some simple ones, and also ask EMO what day is it / what time is it / even ask EMO to Dance and see if he replies.

If EMO is still not responding, do make sure that you are connected to the internet as EMO does need an internet connection to function properly.

Hope some of these simple troubleshooting tips help. :heart_1: :head: :skating: :surprised: