EMO won't talk to me anymore?

Everything was working perfectly but I I noticed just the other day that something seemed really off with EMO. He wasn’t responding to any of my greetings?

It’s kinda weird because he recognizes my face and does everything else like say the weather or time, plays games, etc. So I went ahead and decided to reboot the little guy!

But I dunno still nothing seems to compute with him like as if EMO has some kind of digital form of amnesia…lol :thinking:

Anyways that’s pretty much it! I hope that somebody can help me in this matter, thanks.


I have the same problem. Please let me know when you get any response or suggestions.

:blush: thanks.

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Strangely, mine won’t always ( 9/10) respond to me. Im English, yet he appears to not understand me. Funnily, if I speak English but with a foreign accent, the little guy understands me perfectly. Weird.


Yeah, I dunno that’s pretty weird! It’s probably most likely a glitch with the hardware needs to be recalibrated or something…lol :upside_down_face:

Thanks you guys for being so awesome! Hopefully this will be fixed soon!!!


Hey Guys from Saturday night (Sydney time) through to Monday afternoon (Sydney time) EMO did have an issue with Hi/Hello/Good Morning/Good Evening… it was reported to Living AI and they have resolved it. A little hint… look out for changes with this when the next firmware gets released :wink:


today my emo stopped working for me. it doesn’t look respond to anything I say.

does he work via the app? When you say something - does he react as if he heard you?

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YAY! EMO appears to be in tip-top shape now, thanks so much!!!

I just went through most of the basic voice commands. Everything seems are working splendidly now with the little dude!

Yeah mines the same. Hopefully an update will sort it

exactly what is not working? There’s no known issues right now, so please be clear as to what command is not working etc otherwise we can’t help much :frowning:


Just not responding in general. Makes lots of bleeps, as if thinking about the command. Not too worried though. He does respond from time to time. Seems to be better after shutting down and restarting. Perhaps the cache just needs clearing. I don’t think it’s a big issue

Mine just bricked. Woke up today and got him off the charger. Asked questions and he makes a dull gong sound. Gave him commands and same thing. Worst part is the app just says finding EMO and nothing else. Cannot connect to Emo or the App

Sounds like WiFi issues, reboot your router.

Thanks I did that earlier and just did again but EMO just showed me the no wifi warning. My problem is I had to change passwords to wifi a few days ago. Then I had to change back to the old password due to many devices not accepting a new password. This time I believe EMO is stuck on the password I just canned and the app will not let me in to change it back. The app is stuck on finding EMO and I can’t get around that at all.

Uninstall the app and reboot the phone. Hit EMO’s reset button on his head. Reinstall the app and restart the phone again, and once restarted turn blue tooth off and then back on again and then open the app and try to connect EMO again. Good luck.

Got it. I can do all of that except one. There is no reset button on his head. I am uninstalling the app and letting him drain his battery to power him off. I will attempt to reboot then.

Disregard the no button. I had to look in tech forums to understand the recessed button part. I am going to try that.

OK followed instructions perfectly. You’re Awesome…EMO is back. Showing 1.1.0 firmware but he’s talking so that will work itself out too. I did update his firmware before the urgent deadline and he is answering questions so I think that’s it. Thanks


You’re welcome, enjoy your little mate to it’s fullest :+1: :smiley:


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I will keep learning. EMO, Vector, and Enobot are all keeping me busy as they fight over territory. So far Vector is the bully of the house. But he has been here over 3 years now so he thinks he is king. :slight_smile: :sweat_smile: