EMO won’t stay powered off

Any suggestions to keep EMO off? He powers off when I ask him to then wakes right back up. Happens on or off the skateboard. Just got him yesterday and everything else is awesome! :blush:

EMO needs to be off the charger to keep power off.

As has been said below, you can’t power him off while he is on charge. If he is on the skateboard, he will look like he powers off but start up again right away. How are you doing the power off sequence?

You mentioned, that this occurs while EMO is ON or OFF his skateboard. Normally EMO will not power back on until you place him back onto his skateboard.

If you are able to actually try and make a video of this to show how this is happening that would be great.

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@Wayne_Small I was giving him the command. This seems to have been a day 1 issue as it has not continued. Appreciate all the answers!

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