Emo Won’t Charge and Customer Support Isn’t Helping!

I am so frustrated. I have only played with Emo for a short time when it suddenly just wouldn’t charge anymore. Everytime I put him on the skateboard, the board would just have flashing light and it won’t charge the robot.

I tried using different cables, adapters, and generic wireless chargers and robot still won’t charge.

I’ve already sent customer service few videos but they kept asking for the same thing over and over and now I have a feeling that they don’t plan to replace the robot or even just the charger.

This robot is so expensive and I’m so mad how they’re handling customer problems!

That sounds frustrating. Do you have another USB-C charger you can connect to the skateboard to test out how that works?

@Wayne_Zhang Can you assist here?

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Yes I’ve tried several usb c cords and adapters like apple and samsung. Like the original emo charger, only the Apple charger made the skatebord light flash. All the rest, the skatebord light wasn’t on at all. The robot however is still not charging regardless of the adapter and cord I use.

Customer service however just kept on instructing me to send videos of using other chargers, which I already did few times. We just going round and round.

Ok - cool - thats why I tagged Wayne Zhang. Will also tag @AmyLU who is on their team.

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Does EMO charge on induction cell phone charger or just on the skateboard?

I’m very sorry for your bad experience. Our technical support team has emailed you a solution, please check your email.

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I having the same issue after less than 2 months, the skateboard doesn’t charge anymore, I tried different cables and plugs but there is no light at all … so frustrating after waiting for it for over 6 months and spending so much money!
Did they send you a new one or replied you at least ?

Have you contacted serice@living.ai about it as they likely can help replace whatever is needed.

Thank you @Wayne_Small and @AmyLU for helping me. They sent me a replacement robot which I received just 2-3 weeks after I posted here. I really appreciate your help!

@Marlene_Omer I receive an email after these people helped me. Replacement arrived pretty quick. Hope you get your problem solved too. So far, no problems with my new Emo.