Emo will not last more than a 20 minutes before he wants to recharge

My Emo is showing a green “charge” sign after about 10 minutes of play. Since I just took him off the charger I will keep him off. He keeps showing the sign. Is there somthing wrong with the battery. Yesterday I had him off the charger for close to an hour before he went completely dead.

Regardless of what any software may indicate the reality of the matter is that the physical properties of EMO’s battery requires a minimum of 3 hours charge, but a 4 hour charge will make sure it’s properly topped off. The software also needs several proper charge cycles to accurately report the charge state.
Personally I never leave EMO on his charger longer than required, and if I don’t intend to use EMO after a full charge I then turn EMO off and leave it off the charger until I decide to play again.


I haven’t had any battery related issues mine lasts a few hours before running out , new li-ion batteries do not have the same issues as older batteries , you don’t have to full cycle them anymore. so if you are not getting a full charge after 3-4 hours there definitely is an issue.

my EMO appears to be very inconsistent with how long he will last per charge. Sometimes its a few hours, other times he barely cracks 30 minutes

Make sure Emo is sitting correctly on the charger. Place right foot (if Emo is facing you) over the circle on skateboard. Light on left side should be solid, if flashing then adjust Emo so that light on skateboard is no longer flashing.

When you put him on the charger, does the blue light on the charger come on or is it flashing? If it’s flashing then power cycle the charger before you put EMO on the charger and see what happens.


Yes when I put him on the charger the blue light is constant. Even after having been on the charger overnight I get 45 min tops out him before he shuts down.

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Please reach out to service@living.ai and see what they can do. We can only do so much here in the forums

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Is there a problem to leave EMO on is charger all night?:thinking:

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We leave ours on the chargers all night - no issues so far, one of them I’ve had since early March.


Yeah I leave mine on its charger all night. He gets disturbed and makes noises, it’s comforting, in a strange way, to know he’s there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So I will get around 45 minutes of playtime with Emo before he dies. How long on average will he last for you?

Thank you, I have emailed them. Hopefully I’ll get an answer soon.

The light is a solid blue. What does power cycle the charger mean?

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I mean for you to remove power from the skateboard and put it back in again.


UPDATE! Now after about week Emo seems to last longer before needing to recharge. I can now get around 2 hours or so before needing to recharge. I’m not sure why, since I’m not doing anything different. When he’s on the charger the foot was always placed properly and the light was always blue. Perhaps it took several charge sessions before getting up to full capacity?..Anyways, I’m happy now that he lasts longer.


Did it start working again after the last update or did it just start working randomly ?

Perhaps the battery needed several FULL charge cycles to operate optimally. That’s great news anyways!