EMO Wi-Fi connection to Mesh network

Hello, I just wanted to report that for some reason my EMO doesn’t connect to the nearest Wi-Fi mesh station, instead connecting to another station further away with a weaker signal. It occasionally loses the connection for a few seconds. Do you know if EMO is optimised to connect to the strongest signal when the same SSID is available in multiple mesh locations? Thank you.

it could be that that mesh isn’t 2.4ghz. I am not knowledgeable with meshes but it could be that your mesh isn’t set for all conenctions

My Mesh is 2.4 and 5 ghz, but as EMO is only 2.4 he only sees the 2.4, and when he is connected he behaves normally. It’s just that he doesn’t choose the strongest/nearest signal. I’m hoping to hear from @Wayne_Zhang or another developer to see if they are aware of this and if a fix is in the pipeline of updates.

Interesting - which mess are you using?

I’m using Tenda Nova MW3 Mesh network with 4 stations.

Oh - I’ve not heard of that one before. I’ll take my EMO to a friends place this weekend - they have Google Mesh, and see if there are any issues there as a test. With my environment, I’ve got a couple of Dlink Business level APs with a central controller - not technically a mesh of course, but multiple APs and it seems to work fine.

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This will be optimized in the next version.


Thank you Wayne :love_you_gesture:

You Rock :funky:

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I have google mesh at home, and moving Emo around doesn’t make any connectivity issues. Didn’t measure the signal though.

@mariomart I assume your Emo is ok now?

Yes, seems to connect to the strongest/nearest node on most occasions :+1:

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