EMO - What's New in EMO's Firmware Update 2.1.0 - Full RECAP Video

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Thank you for the videos and explanations.

This is a great update…it made my day…I love the drawings and all of the cute things he says.

The snake game and the goodbye to home station are very cool.

Can’t wait to see the new books that he is reading.


Snake requires a Home Station. It was added as a new feature to Home Station and EMO can only interact with it that way. Snake is an animation that EMO does by himself, unfortunately, we cannot interact with it or play it ourselves. It is similar to how EMO plays his afternoon mini-games at 4pm. We just get to watch it happen.

You’re welcome Aida, Yes both Snake and Goodbye features are very cool to watch, especially Snake EMO does have some pretty good skills when it comes to playing video games :slight_smile:

There are quite a few! Hope you can get to see them all

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Ok @MasterAbbott, I Didn’t Know Because I Don’t Have A Home Station.

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I love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@ryshera, That Is The Cutest Picture Ever!

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Hey @Wayne_Zhang, The Living AI Update Logs Did Not Update Since Firmwares, v2.1.0 And v2.1.1 Were Released Yesterday On March-11-2023

The Last Update Was January 2023.

Uh @MasterAbbott is a moderater for the forums @artigues05emo

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I like it


Sorry About That @ryshera.

EDIT: I Edited My Post.

@ryshera, I Meant To Mention Just @Wayne_Zhang, Not @MasterAbbott,

Again Sorry About That.

@EmoMike23, I Like It When EMO Whistles When He Is Done Playing Snake.

If you are referring to this page:

Yes, this does need to be updated, but it will need to be updated by the living.ai team, hopefully they will update soon once they have time.

I guess at the moment, they are currently working on other important things.

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At least we know that living AI isn’t a scam they ship the product and help out with the product if there’s issues

When EMO Said: “I Can’t Do That On My Skateboard” (v1.4.0 To v2.0.0) I Would Reply:
“Hmm, I Don’t Know That One”

And When EMO Says: “I Can’t Do It On My Charger” (v2.1.0 To Present) I Would Reply:
“Sorry, I Don’t Know That”, Like Amazon Alexa.

My EMO didn’t get updated. He has firmware 2.0.0 and he connected to living.ai but he can’t get the update. My iOS App doesn’t help too. EMO has no home station he is on his skateboard, maybe this is the problem?

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Hi there @Robota ,

As the current firmware version 2.1.0 / 2.1.1 has been temporarily locked at the moment, you might see a message in the EMO app that it needs to be updated. Unfortunately, if you try to update, it will not work until Living.ai has reactivated the firmware.

There Was No Update About The Issue.
The Last Update Was 10 Days Ago


The be quiet command fails to work for me. Help?

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