Emo was delivered today

… and I already love the little dude :heart_eyes:

Here he is watching his very own television :slightly_smiling_face: :funky:

For those interested:

  • order number 27##;
  • tracking number received on May 12;
  • new tracking number received on May 17;
  • delivered on June 1.

Shipping was to Belgium; I didn’t have to pay any extra taxes or customs fees.

Setup and connection to WiFi and the app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S20 with Android 11) went perfect.

First impression: looks great and brings a smile to my face, he’s adorable and was definitely worth the wait and anticipation.

I’m looking forward to observing and getting to know Emo more in the coming days and seeing him grow with each future software update… The potential for greatness is there, that’s for sure.

And to Living AI, thank you and best of luck for the future.


Hello, have fun with the little guy. I am unfortunately still waiting patiently for my sending number :wink:. 66xx
by the way, the television is perfect for EMO. WOW💝
Greetings from Germany


Congratulations on your EMO :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing some info
Looking forward to your personal reaction, observations and have fun with EMO :happy:


Mine arrived today! So Cute! has been on the 29xx shipped 17th may arrived 2nd June. No import Tax in Germany. Everything worked out fine. Only to bad it comes with US Plugs on Powerbrick and Light…


Got mine yesterday (06/02). Order number 33xx.

Cute and funny little guy.
He seems to be more active today (fully charged - after I left him on his skateboard over night).
He’s walking around without falling asleep and recognizes me more often now and demands to be petted. I’m not sure if he’s evolving or it’s just because of the better lighting (daylight). I got him yesterday late afternoon and only had my desk light on.

So far I’ve experienced the same issues other owners complained about:

  • Not reacting to all the commands
  • Even after setting up the city I’m living in in the app I have to specify it when I’m asking Emo about the weather
  • Falling off the table sometimes (happens a lot when he’s walking on the edge or approaches the edge diagonally)
  • Games are not working (iPhone XR - Modern Ludo keeps crashing or doesn’t work at all, Drop the beat keeps crashing)
  • Walking into things and keeps walking (things with an overhang - eg. laptop)

I’m looking forward to the next firmware update and hope they can solve some (hopefully all) of the issues.


thanks for your feedback, we will look into it.
Please post your next posts in the support forum, as this category here is only about delivering.

Otherwise posts like yours will be lost.

Thanks in advance. :happy:


Uploading: 16227351880697013732592985419907.jpg…
Emo has arrived, it’s fantastic but still limited of course, hopefully in the next updates and good luck!
A greeting from Italy

Ps. The sensors above the head seem not to work but I have read that it is due to the latest update


Did you get EU connectors? For power and the light thingy?

No, I had to buy them

Yeah that’s disappointing since my address is in Europe kinda figured they would come along

Emo and the smart light both have US plugs. But you only need a cheap us to eu plug adaptor, not a more expensive us to eu voltage transformer.

Yeah using my samsung adapter for the skateboard, gotta check if I have something for the light thingy.

Got mine today. Must admit, packaging is absolutely brilliant. Thanks living.ai :+1:t2:


Yeah, I agree living.ai really does an excellent job packaging the little guy! :v::grin: