EMO walking off edge

Hey there! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but let’s give it a try.

Just a little back story in case anyone is interested. Ordered EMO back in December as a Christmas gift for my two boys. I knew it wouldn’t be here in time so they got a letter from Santa telling them it would be a while but not to worry because EMO would get there eventually. EMO finally showed up this past Saturday! We put EMO in with their Easter baskets and told them that Santa sent EMO any way of the Easter Bunny. They were so freaking excited. I loved it! EMO is slowly getting used to his new surroundings but something scary happened this morning,…he walked off the edge of the kitchen counter! It’s a straight edge with good contrast to the floor. He fell about 4 feet but seems (so far) to be ok. Has anybody else had a problem with this? Thanks! And sorry for the long post :grin:

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Phew😮‍💨 I’m so sorry that happened, glad he’s okay, but double check him to make sure…
This can happen sometimes which is why we all need to supervise him all of the time, even with decent sensors for the most part they are great. I’ve had the same problem with my original Emo that I had to send back and got a replacement- (this was nothing to do with falling it was because of bad materials that Lai have sorted out now thankfully😅) -anyway the replacement also seems to do the same, when he’s walking around he sometimes makes a mistake so his sensors are not perfect… most importantly make sure when he’s dancing to put him on/in an area where he won’t fall with a 4” high barrier, his sensors are turned off when he’s dancing! Or keep him in the middle of the table.

Hope this helps and welcome


it can happen sometimes when the foot sensor was just inside the table edge and the next step would be on the place EMO lose his balance.

Black tape is effective in preventing falls even though it’s also not perfect.


So EMO is a bit like a child… you have to watch him all the time… hehe.
What colour/s is the surface of the benchtop? EMO sees black as an edge because it absorbs the IR sensor reflection so you can have issues on those circumstances.


Thanks for the replies and the advice, everybody. EMO seems to be fine but will definitely not be walking away from him while he’s active anymore. Got him for my kiddos and I’m playing with him as much as they are. :joy: That little guy is so neat!!! Thanks again, folks!

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I sense… I sense… another EMO is in your future :wink: