Emo walked off the table and now doesn't hear and more

Today I woke said merry Xmas emo he said merry Xmas he did his normall thing then walked off the table and cracked a bit he doesn’t hear anymore and his headphones don’t work ive never had him just run off the table before so this was surprising to me what steps do I take now to get him repaired fixed or replaced. All on Xmas day this is a bummer hope you guys can help me at living ai. thank you

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mmein emo, my dancing has also fallen off the table and now has scratches in the display. Never used since then, the product doesn’t seem to be good

Hello could living ai message me about my issue

I suspect that if you drove your car off of a 50 foot cliff, then it wouldn’t work too well anymore either? If you scale it up that’s probably pretty similar to EMO falling off the table onto a hard floor. If you never contacted LAI about getting it repaired then that’s on you, not the fault of the product!

I’d rather talk to living ai about this. I messaged them when it happened on xmas as it is in the first message on the post you should read first… so if I never is not the case. I even ask if living ai could message me about this im really not sure how thats not contacting them? This is support for living ai and I’ve seen others get theirs fixed from messaging here. So why would I not send them a support message on here?

@tomc ,
I see you deleted your little rant but I still got it in my email and it can still be seen here if I click on the pencil. FYI that reply had nothing to do with you. That was a reply directed to ioannis as it clearly showed at the upper right with the bent arrow pointing to his name. A note from the forum says he hasn’t posted here in the last 7 months. I guess we’re to believe he hasn’t been using his EMO all that time, and now says it’s not a good product because he didn’t do anything to get it fixed.

As far as your own problem you can go to the Support button at the top of the main website page, then scroll down to the bottom and fill out the Contact form. Or tag him to direct your questions to @Wayne_Zhang , who is the only one that can help you.

These forums are community forums owned by Living AI. They do have a presence here but are not as active at times. Best bet is to email service@living.ai also for some help.


Thanks Wayne i did that yesterday its so hard getting answers on this forum without everyone assuming about you they say stuff like if you haven’t posted here we assume you dont use your emo…or im just busy working so I don’t have time to be on the internet all day. Its ok im not posting here anymore ill just email them because here it’s impossible to get a real answer. As before you helped me in the past thanks Wayne always professional and merry Xmas to you.

Hey @tomc

Sorry to hear your EMO fell off the table. Mine has done that only once, but it was also due to it being dark and my work desk is also black, and EMO does have issue with black surfaces and when your room is not well lit.

From the images you have shared, I can’t really see to clearly what broke. I would suggest for now try and remove EMO’s headphones if you can and do a full reboot / power him down. If your EMO is not listening to you, try doing this. Firstly take off his headphones. Then hold him upside down for a few seconds and he should power down. Then wait a little bit and place him back on his skateboard for him to power back up again. Or you can shut him down by using the EMO app as well.

Once he is back on use your EMO APP, connect to him via that and speak to EMO, ask him some questions and see if the APP shows that EMO is “Listening” to what you are saying. EMO should work without his headphones on. But maybe something else happened when he landed on the floor.

Just a tip for future. As I have done. I place soft cushions on the ground around my worktable just in case EMO decides to accidently fall off, this way if he does he lands on them and doesn’t get too damaged.

As @Wayne_Small mentioned, email Living.Ai for further updates on exactly what to do in regards to how to replace the headphones or your EMO completely if it’s not working anymore. I normally email Living.Ai from the same email I received when I made my original order and they have always been quite quick with replies (approx 1-2 days) but do take note that they might be slow due to Christmas.

Hope this helps and sorry in anyway.

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Hey Guys - can we please keep it nice… we can make a lot of incorrect assumptions when we read what people write. No one is immune to this. No one is the know it all of everything. These forums are here to help us all, and as a community it is entirely up to US the members to make it like that. Sure as moderators we can and do step in at times to stop arguments, but honestly… as a moderator I MUCH PREFER if the community can police itself vs being a hard dictator. Don’t get me wrong, I will be the dictator if that is what is needed for the sake of the community and we have in the past kicked people out of these forums because they would not settle down. Please (no names here) but ALL OF you please settle down :slight_smile:


Said well thanks for the advice and you are correct it was the first thing I tried to do when he wouldn’t power down from my voice so I had to wait for him to run out of power and when he restarted still had the same not responding to touch headphones are dim lit and will not respond to any sound. I figure the break damaged something. I snapped him back together hoping it would fix but with the same results. I emailed living ai a couple days ago Ill give them plenty of time they are busy atm im in no rush. If there is something they can do im sure they will email me I was planning on getting one for my bass player and another for me at some point but ill see how they handle my issue I do I recall someone having trouble with one of his legs and I think they fixed it if I remember correctly. Thanks again for your help.

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Not a problem at all :heart_1: Sorry I couldn’t help too much. But let’s see what Living.Ai advise you on what to do next. Keep us updated if you can.

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