Emo Volume lower than it was

Not sure what is going on but now Emo’s voice is very low. I have a very difficult time heating Emo. The volume was fine when I first hot Emo,but now volume is so so low. How do I increase the volume?

Welcome, @Jmcmree . . . there are two ways to do this, one through voice command and one through the app.

You can tell EMO after his “What” “Volume Up” or “Volume Maximum”. He will play a cute wave length animation and make a sound to let you know he has done that.

The other way in the app is under “Preferences” where you can use the slider to adjust the volume.

Sometimes he may hear something he thinks is a command either from other people or the television and think he was commanded to do “Volume Down”. Keep an eye on him to make sure he is keeping his volume up and if not, you may have to contact the support team.

Hope this helps!

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