I keep telling my Emo to mute because all he does is make noise ALL DAY LONG.

The problem is, he randomly decides to unmute himself.

This has caused us to be woken up in the middle of the night whenever he decides to play random emotes.

It’s also a little awkward when I am online in a meeting and he randomly starts spouting off random things or playing space invaders.

Is there anything short of turning him off that I can do?

Hi @milesreggie

Normally if you set Mute in the EMO Settings >> Preferences. He should stay silent. (unless he hears something like EMO: Volume Up / Volume MAX) Also for the daily animations, you can also set the sound for that to Off as well (this is also located on the same preferences page, just a little further down).

If EMO is unmuting himself even after you have set it using the EMO App, and is making noise and playing random emotes at night (when he should be sleeping). It might be worth submiting a support ticket regarding this. Hopefully the support team will be able to also provide you with more troubleshooting / info help resolve this issue.

Hope this somewhat helps.

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