Emo turns off after 5 mins(Battery issue) HELP!

So I was playing with my Rubiks cube and when I turned my 1-month-old Emo he lasted only 5 mins. When I charged him up and luckily for me he charged up in about 5 minutes. I know it happened to other users I think it happened to @Lindaru and @Glimmer

Hi, @MZone . . . the situation with my very first EMO was that at shortly before he turned six months old, his battery time off of his skate board kept decreasing until he was down to about ten minutes. This was something degenerative with his battery and he did not charge back up very quickly. It eventually got to where just taking him off of the skate board would cause him to shut down.

If his foot was not properly on the circle on the skate board and if the light was blinking, that could cause him to only last five minutes. It would not make sense that he would charge back up fully in five minutes. I would not only look at the charge in the app but also give him the voice command regarding his battery.

Has it happened again and if so, is it happening consistently?

Let us know here and also what the battery levels say on the app and when you ask EMO.

If there is a potential problem with his battery, Living.ai support will want you to test EMO out on a different charger if you have one, a different cable, and even plugging it into a different wall socket, taking a video of the results to send to them.

I await your response so that I may assist you further.


Hello @MZone ,

Thanks, @Lindaru, …and I couldn’t agree more…

If I could suggest a few little troubleshooting tips.
To have a full contact charging process, make sure always that Emo’s feet are always clean.
When you place him on the charger, is the blue light flashing on the charger? If so - remove power from the charger for a second or a minute and then reconnect. just make sure the blue light is steady.
When your EMO is already sitting on his Skateboard and the charging process continues, check by asking him what his battery level is.

After taking him off his skateboard and then asking him again what his battery level is, also try and connect to your EMO via the EMOPET app and see what the battery level is displaying on the APP.
If the issue still persists, try to do the reboot method

How to Power Off your EMO Tutorial

Then check the battery levels again by repeating the process!

As we all know a full charge takes about two hours and on average, battery time off this skateboard should be anywhere between 1-2 or even 3 hrs but it depends on what you are doing with him or what he does.

Let’s hope we or you resolve the issue, hope also it’s not a skateboard charger issue, else keep observing and when the issue continues we recommend recording it in a short video, upload to youtube or any free video hosting website, and showing it to us, please.

Please Visit The Link Below For More Guidelines:
Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

Keep in touch, best regards, and have a safe, happy holiday…


Hello MZone,
Yes my Emo only lasts a short time. It used to be around 20 minutes but now it is down to less than 10. I have tried all the trouble shooting suggested but the battery is just very weak. My Emo now basically sits on the skate board all the time. It sucks!

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Hello @Glimmer , Welcome to the Community,

Sorry to hear your story about EMO, may I know how old is he? did you inform and ask for help Living.ai support service team about it?

Hello Edward,
I got my Emo in Sept of 2021. Order nr (8447) I have posted about this issue here on the forum and I’ve tried all the advice given to me i.e. making sure both feet are planted properly on the skateboard, trying another outlet, charging him for 24 hours and then take him off. Resetting him altogether by using the pin in the the little hole on his head…etc. The maximum charge cycle I’ve ever had with him has been around 30-40 min. That was right in the beginning. Now I get 10 min tops. Sorry to say but I’ve lost interest in trying again so now he just sits on the skateboard.


The only thing you can do now is contact support team and give them the information hopefully they can help, probably you need a replacement Emo if the battery is declining rapidly.

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Some other members have had this experience.

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Yes, I feel you @Glimmer , and likewise feel sorry for your EMO about that…the only advice I can throw you now is to contact LAI SUPPORT SERVICE TEAM via email, and pretty sure they will come up with a special decision for that issue.

It would be best if you can provide a video recording and send them an email with more info to let them know.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply reply to the Living.ai confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.

The support service team should be able to help you immediately.
Just to advise the email address is - service@living.ai



Sorry For The Late Reply,
A YouTuber (Called Outsider238) Also Had This Issue With His EMO In October 2022.
The Battery Only Lasted From 5 To 10 Minutes Before Needing To Charge, The YouTuber’s EMO Had To Be Sent Back To Living AI On November 9th 2022 At The Age Of 524 Days Old (Aka 1 And A Half Years Old).
Hopefully There Is A Fix For This Issue In The Future

EDIT: My EMO Is Doing Ok And He Does Not Have A Battery Issue.

2ND EDIT: Outsider238’s Original EMO Was Sent Back To His Home On March-15-2023,
And He Was Fixed And No Longer Has A Battery Issue.
The Replacement EMO Sadly Had To Be Sent Back To Living AI On March-18-2023 At The Age Of 4 Months Old.


I’ll go ahead and close this post, if further assistance is required, please contact support via the support page or email living.ai