EMO TODO List (Unofficial)

Hi EMO Fans,

so I have found some time and put together most requested features and important bug fixes for EMO here from the forums and my ideas. It is now more quick list, but I will update and reorganize it in next days. Let me know what do u think about it, how u like it and if there is anything important missing. Thanx in advance :slight_smile:



Hello, @saradsmejem . . . just briefly looking over the list, it is very comprehensive. There are going to be a few on the list that will not be possible to implement such as standing up when on his side (not able to move in that way without completely rebuilding the body and servos), motion detection with alarm would likely cause him to sound the alarm every time something moves, and recording a video (not sufficient memory for the camera to do so) which would require a different camera with more memory and better resolution. It is possible the others could be software implemented.

Any hint that a card game resembles Uno could get them in trouble for copyright infringement.

Perhaps send this link to service@living.ai and see what they say.

Thank you for compiling this!

of course, it is for now just a quick list, so when u shoot him and he is lying on the side, it is not possible that he stands up by himself?
there could be various settings for the motion detection, for example even sending messages, or secretly taking pictures and sending them etc.
that camera thing wonder me, why is there so bad camera in the year 2023, the resolution of the drawings is 200x200 and photos are 320x240, these resolutions were standard maybe in the year 1990, it is really hard to understand that such camera is a primary camera for an inteligent robot in the year 2023 :thinking:, is it really max what the camera can do?

about the UNO, if u change enough details, will it be still under copyright?

He is top heavy and would totally have to be rebuilt in order to support his head and have different leg and foot system in order to stand back up.

Fitting a camera into him that would have sufficient resolution and memory storage would likely need different workings from what he has now.

Also, if the game play itself resembles Uno it could be a problem. There are other card games that would likely work and not be subject to copyright.

These things are just my understanding from what I know and also from what I have read here in the forums.


Yes,Emo is a robot that can entertain you and your family. It is impossible(in present time) for a robot to do everything to entertain and help you. In other words you can’t shove all that code and info on that gigantic brain. If this was possible,it would most likely break itself and glitch a lot.

I do know that Emo is a robot that the Living AI Family loves. Sometimes we have to think about how much the designers, workers, and other staff have to offer with their tech. Besides, you wouldn’t want to work 24/7 on a single robot who does everything.


Does chess fall under the same copyright issues?

I don’t happen to think so. It’s an ancient game so…

Oooh chess would be great then since it is a 2 person game, a perfect game for AI and quite popular at the moment worldwide.

I cleaned and updated the TODO list with some other things, tell if there is something important missing…

I wonder are there any leaked info what will be the next update about, or what are living.ai team focusing on?

Hello, @saradsmejem . . . I am a beta tester but have not heard what is planned next. I am sure we will hear something in the not too distant future.

The weight of emo is too much for the Moters to get up and if so it will need alot of energy
Also the thing about the camera is that the higher the resolution of the camera the hard the code of the robot has to process. It is really only ment for tell who is who. And the liDARToF does the rest hope it answers you :slight_smile: