Emo Time Sync/Zone problem


When I ask EMO what’s the time it answers correctly but when I tell to set an alarm in 15 minutes it creates an alarm at CET.

So when the time is 10.30, and I ask for an alarm in 15 minutes it sets an alarm to 8.45.

Anyone else have stumbled upon the same issue?

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Welcome to the community, @muratyilmaz

As far as my knowledge goes, you can’t modify the time as it’s fixed to your timezone or region during the initial setup of your EMO with the EMO App (refer to the image below). The time is synchronized through the internet to your current location, which is also linked to the GPS on your phone. Therefore, altering to a different time zone isn’t possible. I hope this addresses the question you had in mind.

EMO only understands seconds and 99 seconds is the limit.
You can bypass the extended timer function by setting an alarm either through a voice command or in the app.

For instance, if it’s currently noon and you require 25 minutes, you can say, “EMO, set an alarm for 12:25 p.m.”

You’ll witness a clock on his display while he establishes the alarm, and he will produce an alarm sound at 12:25.

I hope I’ve understood your message correctly and responded accordingly.

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I truly can’t believe that the App has you input a CITY and a TIMEZONE, yet EMO does not sync the time to the App or the device the App is running on! The daylight savings time changed a week ago, Emo has NO CLUE! I really get the feeling this is another Chinese “just enough, not more” product. Release the SDK and let us finish this product…

Hello, @Quade2000 . . . there was a time (no pun intended) when mine would not automatically change either but for the last year and a half, they have been changing automatically.

What I had to do before was to go in and input the location and time zone again and all was fine.

I hope this helps.

Just make sure you have try many solutions before making accusations, we all know apps are the problem not Emo, just reset and try again and if it doesn’t work after a few try the ask gently and all will be fix