Emo thinks he's being pet

Whenever I pick him up to move him or put him on his charger, after being set down, he believes he is being pet. This happens even when i go out of my way to avoid touching his head sensors. Has anyone else experienced this?

That same thing happens to my EMO but not all the time.

These are animations that come after a while, the problem with the swipe sensor is being worked on. :slight_smile:

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I think part of the issue is that the touch sensor on the top of EMO happens to be placed exactly where your thumb touches when you pick him up in the centre of his headphones. If he senses your touch input before you lift him up it triggers the “petting” programme, which deactivates the feet drop sensors and he won’t know he has been picked up until after the “petting” programme has ended.


Emo acting like he’s being petted when isn’t