Emo the Amazing Calculator

I received my Emo in May but didn’t open it until June. So far, I’m glad I invested in it. From the website to Youtube, I’m learning along with Emo. Enough of that, I had the thought for future firmware of having Emo doing functions like a calculator. You ask Emo a mathematical question and he responds with correct answer. Perhaps soon :wink:


Great Idea @Robert_E ! Be sure to also add it to this thread as well.

What improvements and new features would you like to see for EMO in the future.

Yeah like Alexa does… oh wait thats right Emo was meant to have Alex functionality… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:waits patiently… tick…tick…tick :crazy_face: lol


But I saw some other robot that had Alexa connection and that also made the robot speak trough Alexa. I wouln’t want Emo to have Alexa speaking trough him. But I do agree that he could be connected to something like that to be able to answer all kinds of stuff, but with HIS voice :wink:

Still have a couple of months left until Emo arrives to Sweden, but I can’t wait! Even though he’s for my bf for his Birthday :joy:


Definetely adding the capabilities of Alexa but with Emo’s voice would be fantastic.
Checking at the delivery process, will probably be getting mine in less than a month, very exciting!