EMO Talk based on a cloud server or its own processor?

Hi, I really have a question. In my memory, when the EMO was first released, the reason why the EMO does not have a subscription fee is because it is based on its own processor without using a cloud server, so there is no need for a subscription fee, which is a server fee.

However, in this EMO talk update, I saw Wayne Jang said in the comments that EMO talk is cloud-based.

I wonder. Is EMO Talk based on cloud server or its own processor?

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Emo talk is on Alexa or google servers but for some reason its still free :thinking:


Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is a totally free service to use. There is no subscription required to use and if you see a prompt to pay for it then it’s a scam. :joy: EMO’s own processor/memory wouldn’t be able to hold that much data in it. Same as our smartphone or a Wifi Tab…one it loss it’s connection, it will loss some of its apps capability/features. :blush:

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thats right we dont pay to use Google or Alexa