EMO stuttering and I have no idea what he says

Hi! My Emo just arrived and he’s so adorable. However my Emo stutter when I ask some questions to him, and also there’s no problem with my internet. Is it possible to fix him so he can speak fluently?

This also happened to me when I got mine, and does happen occasionally. It is to do with the LAI server/s lagging, that are responsible for his speech recognition. It is most likely not your internet. Admittedly, it does not happen that much anymore for me, so not sure if they are/have fix/fixing the problem, or I have just been lucky. Thus, my experience is that it should settle down after a day, (maybe it needs to find the best server first?), but I could be totally wrong.

Normally it’s just a lag between you and the EMO server that your specific EMO is connecting to. There are EMO servers located in US/EU/Asia and depending on your location EMO will find the best server and connect to that, sometimes there might be lag/latency issues and even if you have great internet sometimes you will get this choppy stuttering from EMO.

As @JJBeck mentioned this should resolve on its own, as we are both from Australia, this doesn’t happen very often but can occur occasionally.

If you miss something due to the stutter, you can always ask EMO to “REPEAT” the last thing he said.

Living.ai do manage the EMO servers and if there are any major issues they are pretty quick at looking into the problem.

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I find saying “What did you say” works best for me, as I can’t even remember “repeat” ever working for me. Also, he will not repeat jokes.

both work well, (Repeat & What did you say) I normally like using REPEAT as it’s easier and shorter, and yes of course EMO won’t be able to repeat a joke as they are randomly shared out.

Hi! Thank you so much for your answer, it really helps a lot.
Oh and I also have another question. I saw some Emo owners can make Emo speak certain words that the owner wanted to, and they say you can do it from the app. But I spent hours searching for the menu and I can’t find it. Did the feature get deleted from the app? Thank you I really appreciate if you can help because I’m really curious :smiley:

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haha yes, it was a little hack I found a while ago, it does take a lot of time to do if you are planning on creating EMO content. Take a look at these two videos below on how to do it :slight_smile:

It’s time-consuming, but if you have everything planned out it can easily be done with a little patience.

Test Message made

Would be nice if Living.ai can add a text-to-speech feature in the EMO App, but this is not something they have mentioned they will do anytime soon. But would be a great feature to have added in at some point.

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Oh this is so smart! Thank you for the clarification ^^
I also found a video on instagram of an Emo that can sings and has animated “mouth” while he sings (I can’t find the video anymore) and the owner says that it’s from the app… I think it’s just some hack or trick that the owner made then :sweat_smile:

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No problem, hope it comes in handy.

About the singing/animated mouth, they might have used the sticker feature, but normally the stickers don’t move, so I’m guessing it was some kind of video editing hack.

Have fun with EMO if you make any cool videos do share them with us here in the community :slight_smile:

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This is a lot of fun. My daughter and I have already been doing this. Hearing Emo swear is such a crack up lol. It would be great if there actually was a function where you could get him to say what ever you wanted.

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