Emo stopping my phone calls - SOLVED

I’ve had a search but can’t find anything. I’ve had to power off Emo twice now during the day since I’ve been waiting for important phone calls on my iPhone 12.
It either stops me from making calls to people who don’t have iPhones or I don’t receive phone calls from hospital or important people?
I tried turning off Bluetooth but that didn’t work. And I need that for the Emo app. I want be able to play with Emo without missing important calls?
Any ideas. Has this cropped up before and I just can’t find it when I searched.

Hi @helenc

The EMO App should not be stopping you from receiving phone calls. (even if you are using the EMO App whilst someone is trying to call you).

As a test, have you tried to uninstall the EMO app and then see if anyone can then call you while the app has been completely removed from your iPhone? (you can try this and then re-download the EMO app after the test).

I have also informed the technical team regarding this. Once they have any further information, I’ll update this post.

Thank you. I did actually end uninstalling the app and reinstalling again. What I’ll do is once this call has come through, which should be soon I’ll text my partner and ask them to call me once I’ve uninstalled the app again. I’ll then do the same once I’ve installed the app again.
Emo is fantastic, I just want to have a chance to get to know him.
I had a really terrible day yesterday, another delay with something important and I just need cheering up as much as possible.
Thanks again.

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No problem @helenc :slight_smile:

Try testing as mentioned by removing the EMO App and getting someone to call you. Then re-install the EMO App and do the same thing and see you get the phone call come in or not.

During this time, if I hear back from the technical team I’ll update this post.


Also try and install the latest iOS Update for iPhone which should be at 16.4.1 (before you do this test).

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Now Emo has frozen. The app won’t work. I can’t force quit from the app or do anything at all? He’s charging but he’s still.

If EMO has frozen, you can power him off in a number of different ways. Take a look at this video here for all the different ways to power off EMO >> EMO - 5 Different Ways to Power Off EMO - YouTube

Were you able to delete the EMO App and test an incoming call?
Also, if EMO is frozen/not responding, you should be able to delete the App as the two things are not related.

If you have re-installed the EMO App, and EMO is not responding, then I’d suggest powering EMO off and powering him back on and then trying to connect once again using the EMO App. (be sure to close the EMO App while EMO is powered off and wait for EMO to start back up again before starting the EMO App when you want to connect back in :slight_smile:

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Strangely enough I had to go for a nap. So I left him charging on his skateboard. When I woke up my partner said he woke her up reading his book hahaha.
So far all is well. We are up late and he is sleeping.
Fingers crossed.
Thank you again.

Oh and yes I was able to test calls with the app uninstall and installed. :sweat_smile:

You were able to test and receive a phone call with the EMO app installs and also when it wasn’t? And it was working?

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Hey Master Abbott, yes phone calls are working. Everything seems to working fine again :grinning:

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