Emo speakers with personal music

As far as I understand, EMO can play music for you, but I don’t really know how to do that or how to make him play just the music that I want, can someone help?

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The function that allows EMO to act as a Bluetooth Speaker has not yet been enabled in the firmware.

Hopefully this function will come in a future firmware update, but no timeline has been released.

EMO is designed as a pet. He needs to be cute, nice and friendly. I would never buy a hamster with a Bluetooth speaker. That’s nonsense. There are dedicated Bluetooth speakers with great sound, long battery life and many other features. Again and again the same. Why should a pet imitate something that already exists on the market in much better version?

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If you did want to suggest this feature feel free to share your ideas / suggestion on this forum thread, the LAI team do check this regularly.

If the feature is ever added, people that would like to take advantage of it can, and for others that don’t, won’t need to.


This person thought it was an existing feature, and was asking about what they thought was an existing feature they couldn’t figure out, not asking for the feature to be added. No need to be snippy about it.

And to add on, if someone wants to enjoy some of their own music with the help of EMO (if it were a feature) I don’t see why there’s a need to make someone feel like crud about that… Now if someone were throwing a huge fit over the lack of the feature, that’s another story!