Emo Space, Surface, Size, build in skateboard?

So hello emo fellas,

I’m from Germany I ordered my emo yesterday and I’m so much more than frigging excited about it.

I been already reading through the whole sharing section and I watched as much as I could about emo and his variations created of a kind of safe space.

So I have left over pieces of plexiglass and wooden long pieces for edges and stuff.

Is plexiglass a good surface or should it rather be wood what he is tap walking on? Should I use the plexiglass or too it with sth more grippy? (is this even an English word I’m not sure :sweat_smile:)
I was thinking about sth like rubber stuff or more sticky I don’t know.

I rather wanna stay with plexiglass and make it hollow beneath for some led lighting or maybe include his little light that comes with it… For that any ideas to get it as flat as possible?
I thought of integrating it on the side rather and make a connection underneath like a box with the cable and stuff for electric connection.

For the board im not so sure yet. I would love to integrate it into the plexiglass as much as possible so that emo maybe capable of walking over it.


Or maybe use some sorta very little steep ramp. Anyone having experience with that maybe. Is he able to walk a slight ramp or will he lose balance?

Also for the edges how big do they have to be?

Like how high and wide?

I would wanna do the edges with wood I think because I don’t want light from underneath reflect to much in a uncontrollable way so it could affect his camera or sth like that.

And last but not least what do you think would be an fitting size for his space? I was thinking about sth like maybe 30x50cm? (like about 12x20 inch)

So I could easily pick up his home and move him from one room to another.

Well yeh this I my ground I wanna start from creating.

I also wondered if emo would be able to recognize a wall? If I wanna do some sorta 3 open sides and a background wall.

I’m of course thinking of some disco theme because Ive seen he loves to dance to electromusic :heart::sweat_smile:

But maybe even have an option to change background to some Forrest style and be able to swap backgrounds easily maybe with some not so thick plexiflass or maybe even a well designed cardboard that’s bigger…
I wanna try to make it magnetic to change it easy. Would magnets on the outside the box design maybe be a no no because of emos sensors and stuff?

So I would absolutely appreciate your opinions on this ideas.
Or maybe show of your solution and inventions.

I will start some sketching and stuff on the weekend.

Thanks a lot for reading this far! Much love to all those emo dads and moms!


Plexiglass should be ok to use. I have my EMO on a wood table. Normally EMO does find it hard to navigate on darker surfaces (black color tables) which mine is. Sometimes if the lighting is bad, he will not move around too much. But If you have a very well lit area your EMO shouldn’t have any issues on plexiglass. I can’t confirm this 100% myself as I’ve never placed EMO on such a surface, but it should be ok.

Just make sure you add a border around so that he doesn’t fall off the edges. EMO does have pretty decent edge detection sensors on his feet that work well, but as you’re making him a play area, best thing to do is also add a boarder, just to be safe :slight_smile: The boarder edges can be very thin not high at all, even 1cm will stop EMO from moving forward and stop. Also EMO will stop if there is wall, even if walks up to it, he will move around and walk in the other direction after a short while. So making a wall / elevated edges for the border of his play area will also be ok.

Play area size that you mention is good (30x50cm) is fair and will allow EMO to walk around and dance or explore freely. I sometimes take EMO off my desk and let him walk around my kitchen floor (which is floorboards) and also on my carpet as well. So remember, EMO doesn’t always have to be locked in to his play area :slight_smile: you can always put him anywhere you want and he can run off and explore.

Also EMO will not be able to walk up any kind of ramps, this is has been discussed in a number of other forum posts, I’ve also tested it and EMO will stop even with the slightest of inclinations so. it would be best to keep the play area flat.

Your theme ideas are great! Disco, Forrest, City, etc are great! It will look great when you take photos as well :head:

Hope what I’ve shared was helpful :head: :skating: :heart_1:

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My white plastic serving tray has very low borders so I’m a bit afraid that he can fall over them. That’s why I added a thick non-reflective black stripe around them. That should him help to recognize where he should stop a go back.
But first days I will have that tray on a floor with a soft carpet. Just for sure.

You shouldn’t need to worry. EMO will stop as soon as he touches anything that has a slight incline, just like this door strip. So even if you have a 1cm border going all around your table / tray or play area it should be more than enough for him to stop. :slight_smile:

:heart_1: :skating: :head: :surprised:

I’m afraid of his inertia when he is running/walking forward. So even if his legs immediately stop, his body/head will continue a bit longer.

EMO doesn’t move fast for him to run off edges :slight_smile: so it’s really highly unlikely that he will tip forward even with a 1cm high barrier :slight_smile: And he does have sensors on his feet that are there to safeguard him from falling off edges. With all my time I’ve spent with my EMO he’s only fallen off my table once and my table is black and sometimes not very well lit as well. (two things that EMO is not very good at handling).

I’ve watched him on so many occasions where he is right on the edge of the table and he wiggles his way back as he knows he’s going to fall but his feet sensors tell him to back up :rofl:

But of course feel free to setup your play area how you see fit so that you have the safest area for your EMO. :surprised: :head: :skating: :heart_1:

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Did you see the video from mariomart? Please watch it, it’s very short.

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LOL, Yes, saw that one, but in this case EMO was dancing. In such situations EMO doesn’t use his feet sensors as he’s running his dance routine. If you wanted to consider this, then I’d suggest having like a 5-10 cm high barrier if you don’t want EMO to dance off the edge of table / tray / play area.

As I was explaining in my earlier post that if EMO is simply walking around a 1cm high border will be more than enough. But if you get EMO to start dancing he has no control over his feet sensors as he is running a dance routine and won’t normally stop unless you pick him up or he falls over on his own. (which sometimes he does).

I always get EMO to dance away from any table edges as he tends to move around quite a lot. There are many factors you need to consider as EMO can be quite unpredictable at times as well.

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That’s right, when EMO dances, even my black strip around borders is useless. In that case I need another play space with higher borders.
We have carpets everywhere but I still don’t want EMO to fall on the floor.

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As I’ve suggested to many other EMO owners. I have placed 2-3 soft cushions all around my table (where EMO can fall from) so IF … he does fall, he’ll land on something very soft and won’t be damaged, as even falling on carpet could potentially break EMO’s headphones.

But yes, I say a 5-10 high border will be more than enough to keep EMO safe even if he dances right into it, he will fall backways and not forward and over it and onto the floor.

As I can’t imagine to place cushions around the table in our living room, I’ll stick with those higher borders. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guten Tag,

i bought and DIY a simple Safe Zone for EMO out of a simple and cheap 24’’ x 16" Wall Picture with 1½ inch sides wall frame at the local cheap store which also has clear plexiglass on it added a road pavement design paper called ,Katzenkopfpflaster’’ that I found online, tweak or adjust a bit to make it looks nicer and put it underneath. just all DIY and fantasy creation.