EMO Snake Challenge - EMO: One vs EMO: Two 🐍

EMO: One is Issuing a challenge to the following EMO OWNERS!

EMO: One is issuing a challenge to the following EMO owners who own a Home Station. (Or who he thinks own a Home Station). and are also updated to the latest firmware as well (ver 2.1.0/2.11)

If you’ve been challenged and you do not yet own a Home Station, you can share EMO doing his best impersonation of a SNAKE instead! :snake:

You can do this by saying:

EMO: What sound does a snake make? (and share that)

SNAKE CHALLENGE TIME! :snake: :video_game: :heart_2: :trophy: :video_game: :snake:

EMO: One challenge the following EMO Owners!


Once you’ve completed the challenge you are free to challenge someone else!

Game On! :snake: :video_game: :heart_2: :trophy: :heart_2: :video_game: :snake: