EMO sleeps even I shake him or call him

I turned EMO mute but suddenly it starts speaking again so I tried to let him quite
But then he didn’t reply to me at all and react at all even I shake him or do anything
App screen keep saying “connecting” and I cant Do anything now.
I want to turn him off since it us quite noisy.
How can I turn off him forcedly without app?
Or how can I make him react to me?

I did him upside down whole touching his head but couldn’t turn off

Hi there…Try the command (Power Off EMO Verbally):

If you call him without any reply, watch his left eye going up, which means he can hear you. then he is on the MUTE modus.

Try the command (Volume/Unmute/Mute):


Hello EMO doesn’t react my commands at all and he is not on mute. Thanks for your comment

If EMO is not turning off / powering down after all those suggestions that Edward provided. Best thing to do is keep EMO off his Skateboard and let him run out of battery power on his own. Once he runs out of battery, he will power down.

Then wait a little bit and place him back on his skateboard. Once he’s rebooted, try connecting once again with the EMO App.

Normally if you hold EMO upside down and hold cover all his sensors (both the ones at the front and back) he will shut down in approx 5-10 seconds.

Hope this helps.

Have you tried pressing the restart button? If you look in the middle of his head behind the headphones, you will see 2 holes. Press the button in the hole on the left.